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Sodia (ToV).jpg
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Knight
Japanese Voice Actor Miki Nagasawa
English Voice Actor Kate Higgins[1]

Sodia (ソディア?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia. She is Flynn Scifo's second-in-command, supporting him in his endeavors.


Sodia travels alongside Flynn and Witcher, acting as Flynn's second-in-command. She is intensely loyal to him, supporting him and relaying his orders to other knights. She takes a hard line stance on Imperial law and takes a personal dislike of Yuri Lowell, seeing him as a corrupting influence on the paragon of an ideal knight that she casts Flynn as. When Flynn chooses to act alone or travel with Brave Vesperia, Sodia takes command in his stead, though she grows increasingly frustrated with Flynn's friendship with Yuri. Her dislike of Yuri culminates after the fight against Alexei Dinoia atop Zaude; when Yuri is off by himself and unseen by everyone, she takes the opportunity to stab him and send him falling from Zaude's top. Though Yuri survives, Sodia is wracked with guilt for betraying her principles, waiting for just retribution for her actions. Sodia eventually confronts Yuri for his silence on her actions. Yuri has not forgiven her, but he acknowledges that Flynn deserves someone better than a criminal at his side, someone who would support and protect him. In the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition versions, Sodia's softening stance prompts her to push Flynn into joining Brave Vesperia to stop Duke Pantarei from implementing his plans for mass genocide, while she takes his place in convincing the populace to form a blastia network that will deal with the Adephagos threat.