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Solomus Cut-in (ToG).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Solomus (大煇星竜ソロモス Daikiseiryuu / "Soromos"?, "Great Light Star Dragon" / "Solomos") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Graces. The creator of the Chroma Dragons who bind the valkines cryas, he is the master of the Zhonecage and guardian of Ephinea.


Solomus is the incarnation of Foselos, the Satellite Defense System, and tasked with guarding the world. Two hundred years ago, Solomus was activated when the system went out of control. He called nine warriors from the surface and headed the Terma Ten. Now awakened by Lambda's threat, he reforms the Terma Ten and seeks to destroy the world. He does so by gathering eleth and slaughtering his way across the surface. Asbel Lhant's group becomes aware of him when he kidnaps Frederic Barnes for a member of his new fighting force.

Within the Zhonecage, they fight their way through the Terma Ten while the amassed eleth prevents true death and then confront Solomus. Solomus reveals that he is gathering eleth to fight off Lambda, regardless of the destruction to all life on the planet. When defeated, Pascal manages to revert him to a more benign state. He is still slightly out of control though, necessitating the more level-headed members of the Terma Ten to pull shifts in the Zhonecage and help stabilize him.

Appearance and Personality

Solomus looks fairly humanoid save for the horns on his head and the markings on his face. He is stern and unrelenting in his goal, seeing all others as inferior to him. When reverted to his more benign state, his voice is noticeably softer.

Fighting Style

Solomus specializes in high-powered, martial art-based strike artes named after Japanese yojijukugo. One of them includes the ability to split himself into three copies for a total of four combatants, all of whom have his power. In Tales of Graces ƒ, he gains access to light-based magic artes to supplement his monstrous close combat capabilities.