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Solon (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 40
Height 180 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Assassin
Weapon Knife, Pistol
Japanese Voice Actor Toshi Shimada
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Solon (ソロン Soron?) is a minor antagonist from Tales of Legendia and the foster father and mentor of the protagonist, Jay.



Before the events of the story, Solon had found Jay when he was an infant and took him in. Over the years, Solon began to train Jay in the art of assassination. Solon was brutal toward Jay during training, constantly beating him whenever he sat down or took a break. One day, Solon brought a group of his men on the Legacy with him, including Jay, but another group of men was waiting for Solon, and they annihilated all but Solon and Jay. It was then that Solon abandoned Jay and escaped.

Mysterious Man[]

Solon appears only during the Character Quests portion of the story. He appears in numerous character quests before Jay's. He is introduced in the beginning, when Chloe Valens returns from the Mainland, as a new civilian on the Legacy. He gets off the ship and stops to look at Shirley Fennes and Senel Coolidge while they are waiting for Chloe. Later, in Werites Beacon, Solon asks Senel for directions to the graveyard, then starts making comments about Shirley's beautiful, blond hair and how it resembles the hair of the Radiant. Shirley begins to grow nervous, which makes Senel angry and tells him to leave before he causes trouble. Solon then apologizes and gives thanks to Senel for his help and leaves. Solon appears again before Moses Sandor when he tells Senel that the peace is getting annoying and wonders what would happen if someone got killed in the city. Senel begins to grow suspicious and readies himself to fight Solon. However, Solon says he does not want to waste his time and leaves using a smoke bomb.

The Guardian and the Guarded[]

Solon sends numerous ninjas aboard the Legacy during Jay's Character Quest in an attempt to kidnap Shirley. In the Secret Passage, he sends his ninjas to attack Senel and his friends with the monsters "Beelzebub" and "Belladonna". After defeating the monsters, the ninja runs away, Jay follows him, but it is only a trap set by Solon. Solon appears before Jay, angering him, and he tries to attack Solon, but Solon dodges all of his attacks and knocks him to the ground while mocking him. Solon begins to speak with Jay and threatens to kill the Oresoren if he refuses to cooperate with him. When the party arrives, Senel and Shirley recognize him and he thanks Senel yet again for directions.

The party begins to ask him which country sent him to kidnap Shirley, his reply is that he is helping certain nations take the Legacy. He begins to mock the party, Chloe more thoroughly, due to the fact that Gadoria is one of his employers, which upsets her as a result. He tells the party that he wants to see the world at war again, like it was before. However, the party refuses to let this happen and prepares to fight him. Solon laughs at the party provoking Senel and Chloe to the point of attack, but before they could attack him he uses a smoke bomb and vanishes. Solon tells Jay to take the party to the Ruins of Frozen Light so he might kidnap Shirley. At the ruins, Jay tells Shirley to read something in Relares, but it is coordinated to help Solon capture Shirley. The ruse is successful and he releases the monster "Dullahan" while he takes Jay and Shirley to Mirage Palace.

There, Jay begins to turn against Solon, but Solon knocks Jay to the ground and mocks his Star Festival wish to have a family. Then, Solon and his men are attacked by the Oresoren and they take Jay and Shirley. When the party returns to the palace, Solon is about to kill Pippo, Quppo, and Poppo, but Jay finds a way to stop him. Solon mocks Jay for being so sensitive to his emotions, but Jay tells him he has no more doubts and that he will kill him for trying to hurt his family. Solon gets angry and summons the Black Mist to surround them and then summons "Dark Jay" to fight the party. Solon then pulls a dirty trick and tries to attack the Oresoren again, but Jay blocks him, saying he knows all of his moves. Jay uses his sacred eres on Solon and ends his life.

Appearance and Personality[]

Solon Skit (ToL)

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

Solon is a disturbing and inhumane monster who is willing to do any job as long so long as it involves assassination. He shows a lack of emotion to those he kills, as would any assassin. On the other hand, he also enjoys the sounds of war and screams of devastation and terror.

Fighting Style[]

Solon specializes in both Iron and Crystal Eres. The types of Crystal Eres available to Solon are those of the Earth, Ice, and Curse elements. His arsenal of spells includes Absolute, Ground Dasher, Final Embrace, and Black Hole, which he only cast when "Dark Jay" is attacking the party and only as a distraction. His Iron Eres include some of Jay's Eres, such as Dagger and Silent Reaper. He has some nameless attacks, one of which involves him attacking the enemy and then jumping in the air shooting beams of light from the sky, as well as another which involves him releasing a long beam of light from his knife.