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Sonia (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Nokana
Race Human

Sonia (ソニア?) is a supporting character in Tales of Crestoria. She is a young girl with an uncanny resemblance to Kanata Hjuger.


Sonia is gathering vegetables in the forest when she hears someone scream and goes to check it out. The boy's voice tells her not to come any closer or she would fall down a hole. Then she hears a woman's voice tease the boy on his womanizing. The boy lectures the woman he calls Yuna for joking around in front of strangers. A girl's voice asks Sonia her name, and Sonia introduces herself. Another man's voice say that they were heading to Nokana. The travelers offer to help her get home.

On the way, Sonia is impressed at how well the travelers can fight. She tells the travelers that she was born blind, so her father thought it would be better for her to stay here because Nokana's natural spring is said to have curative properties. He was always busy with work, so they never spent much time together, but Sonia loved him very much. She also mentions that Ivis and the others have been taking care of her after her father died not too long ago.

As soon as they make it to Nokana, Sonia thanks the travelers for helping her. Before she leaves, another man asks where they can find Ivis. Sonia states that Ivis already left, but it would not be long before Ivis returned. Later that night, Sonia prays to the vision central, for the enforcers to punish Kanata for killing her father Cody Hjuger.

The next morning, the group leave to see the engineer. After a long day, they return with two men. One of them grabs Sonia while the other subdues her friends. The men reveal that the group are transgressors alongside the Great Transgressor, and that they intend to sacrifice them all to their "god" before carrying Sonia away.

Sonia fused with an enforcer EX.

They bring the girl to Yednark, where they reveal that the boy who talked to her was actually Kanata himself. Another boy testifies gruesome details of the murder, which causes Sonia to enter a blind rage and desire to kill Kanata herself. This results in an enforcer to fusing with her. Under this state, Sonia hears Kanata's voice, saying that she has every right to hate him, but she must keep her anger under control. If she accidentally hurts someone, then she would have to bear the guilt. At first, she tries to block Kanata's words, refusing to forgive him for taking away the father she loved, then she hears the girl who was with Kanata. She reveals that she is the same as Sonia because Cody subjected her and countless others as cattle and sold them off as slaves. The boy who testified earlier then reveals that thought he hates Kanata, his testimony was a big lie, and he reveals the cruelty Cody committed. Sonia tries to deny it, but the girl explains that the kindness Cody showed to her was just one side of him. The girl also had a light of her own, Kanata. Kanata genuinely cared for people and wanted to protect them. Just as Cody was capable of cruelty, Kanata is capable of goodness. Eventually, Sonia separates from the enforcer fused with her, allowing the others to destroy it. Due to the stress on her psyche, Sonia is knocked out.

Appearance and Personality

Sonia is a blind girl with long, blonde hair with a red bow on each side. She wears a light purple shirt and a dark purple corset with gold trimmings. Her vision orb can be seen around her neck.

Sonia is a sweet girl with a big and kind heart, treating even an outsider in Nokana, Rita Mordio, like any other person. However on the inside, she deeply resents and hates Kanata for killing her father Cody, the only person who gave her comfort. However, this changes after learning of her father's true nature and hearing what Kanata is really like. Despite not forgiving Kanata for what he did, she wants him to live so that she can see what he is truly like.