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Sophie (ToG)
Appearance Tales of Graces
Height 4'10" / 148 cm
Weight 86 lbs / 39 kg
Race Humanoid
Weapon Gauntlets
Japanese Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa
English Voice Actor Cassandra Lee[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Sophie (ソフィ Sofi?) is one of the three heroines in Tales of Graces. She is a young girl Asbel Lhant meets in his childhood, who has lost her memories and possesses no recollection of her past. Her name was given to her by Asbel; Sophie is derived from the Sopheria flower she seemed fascinated by the first time they met. In truth, she is a humanoid called Protos Heis (プロトスヘイス Purotosu Heisu?), a weapon designed to destroy Lambda.



A young Asbel and Hubert Lhant find Sophie sleeping in the flower garden on Lhant Hill. When Asbel calls to her, she awakens, startling the young boys. Sophie becomes fascinated by a passing butterfly and nearly walks off a cliff following it, but is rescued by Asbel. When asks for her name, Sophie is perplexed and unable to answer. Hubert suggests Sophie perhaps has amnesia, so the two take her to Lhant. When the three travels back to Lhant, they are accompanied by Cheria to see if anyone around knows Sophie. While they are in the Lhant manor, Asbel's father, Aston Lhant, speaks to them about prince Richard's expected visit to Lhant, and about his plans to hand Sophie over to the authorities to find her family. Outside of the manor, Asbel and the others decides to give Sophie her name, Sophie, inspired by the flower that she was fascinated by. After Sophie was named, the group hears that a Turtlez carriage carrying Richard has been attacked. When the group saves Richard's carriage, Aston begins scolding Asbel for his recklessness.

The group returns to town and decides to meet Richard. After introducing themselves to Richard, Richard tells them to leave, thinking that they plan to use him as his status as a prince. Soon after this event, Richard's sword training with his teacher, Bryce, orders Richard to begin his sword training, despite the fact that Richard is not feeling too well. When Asbel takes Richards place, the training is stopped by Richard's escort and orders him to join the other guards in the manor. Then, Sophie and Asbel decide to take Richard to the Lhant hill. While on Lhant Hill, Bryce arrives and reveals himself as an assassin hired to kill Richard, but Sophie and Asbel defeats him. After defeating Bryce, the trio falls down from the top of the cliff. When the group gets back up, they make a friendship pact on Lhant Hill's tree by carving their name into the tree, agreeing to never split up. Sophie, Asbel, and Richard returns back to Lhant, but Aston confines Asbel in his room for recklessly endangering their lives.

Sophie breaks down the door to Asbel's room, helping him escape to Barona. After arriving in Barona, Sophie Asbel, Hubert, and Cheria decides to explore the capital city. When they ask Richard to take them to the castle, Richard says that they will have to take a secret passage at night to get in. That night, Richard does not show up, so the group goes without him, and fights a passage to the Barona Catacombs. While exploring the dark cave, the group discovers Richard, unconscious on the ground. While Sophie and Asbel tend to Richard, a black monster appears and attacks Hubert and Cheria, leaving them unconscious. Asbel recklessly attacks the monster, Sophie having to save him. After this, Sophie battles the monster while Asbel passes out. As Asbel wakes back up, Sophie sacrifices herself to destroy the remains of the monster. As she fades away, she gives light to Asbel, Hubert, and Cheria, living inside them.

Seven Years Later[]

Sophie appears again, when Asbel and Cheria are endangered by the fendel machine. Just as it was about to kill them, Sophie is resurrected from the light she gave them at the Barona Catacombs. However, Asbel does not believe this to be Sophie. She helps them defeat the tank, but Asbel and Cheria are shocked when she says she does not have any memories of them. Asbel leads the Lhant soldiers through the Seaside Cavern, and they manage to sneak into the fendel camp, but they soon find out that it is a trap and the Fendel soldiers are already attacking Lhant. When they arrive back at Lhant, Asbel's brother, Hubert arrives with Strahtan soldiers and defeats the Fendel soldiers.

Asbel decides to speak with Hubert in the manor, so Sophie stays outside and waits for his return. The conversation ends in chaos as Asbel is thrown out of Lhant, along with Sophie. After Sophie is thrown out of Lhant with Asbel, they both head to Barona via ship, but two Barona knights chases them after their arrival. Sophie and Asbel travel to the Barona Catacombs and find Richard on the ground, weakened. Then, Richard tells the two that his father was killed by his uncle, Cedric. Sophie and Asbel agree to help Richard reclaim the throne and decide to head to Gralesyde to speak with Duke Dalen. While traveling to Gralesyde, the group learns that they cannot pass through the Wallbridge fortress, because it is highly guarded by Windor soldiers. The group meets a traveling young girl named Pascal. She manages to help them pass to the other side of the fortress through the Wallbridge Ruins.

Richard's Betrayal[]

While in Gralesyde, Sophie and the others meet with Duke Dalen and create a plan to infiltrate the Wallbridge Fortress. At the Wallbridge Fortress, after allowing the Gralesyde soldiers inside the Wallbridge, the group is forced to fight Asbel's captain, Malik Caesar. After defeating Malik, the group meets up with Cheria and Richard orders her not to heal the enemy knights. Then, Asbel and Richard argue over this cause, which causes Richard to go into pain and get angry. Then, Duke Dalen informs the group that they can no longer travel with Richard. Sophie and the others are set in a small commando group and manage to sneak inside Barona Castle. The group manages to catch up to Richard and join him. In the throne room, as they defeated Cedric, Richard kills him.

The next day, Richard is crowned as the King of Windor. The day after Richard is crowned King, he summons Asbel to the throne room. When Asbel comes back, he informs the rest of the group that Richard allows them to make plans with Hubert, the current Lord of Lhant, and Malik decides to come with them. Right when the group returns to Lhant, Richard attacks the city. Asbel tries to reason with Richard, but Richard attacks both, Asbel, and Hubert. Sophie regains her memories, and clashes with Richard, but Richard remains victorious and tries to kill Sophie. Asbel rescues her, and fights Richard along with Hubert and Sophie. Sophie finishes off Richard, and he retreats back to Barona, injured.


After defeating Richard, the group learns that Hubert is being called back to Strahta after his apparent failure at governing the nation. Asbel ask Hubert to let him try to convince the president to let Hubert stay at Lhant longer. Hubert agrees and gives Asbel a letter and tells him to head to Yu Liberte. Hubert's aide, Raymond, kidnaps Cheria after she overhears him planning to steal the letter from the group. The group learns from Raymond that he has kidnapped Cheria, and orders the group to give him the report. When Hubert arrives and threatens to tell the Strahta president about Raymond's actions, Raymond stabs himself, attempting to get away with his actions. When the group saves Cheria, she and Asbel begin to argue. Then, Sophie breaks the fight, putting them both in peace. The group returns back to Lhant and Hubert gives them a good luck charm to help them on their journey. Afterward, the group leaves Lhant, and takes a boat to Strahta.

After the group arrives in the Strahta region, they learn that a monster named the Rockgagong has been going on a rampage, blocking anyone's entrance to Yu Liberte. When the group attempts to travel to the city anyway, the Rockgagong swallows the party. Sophie and the others awaken inside the beast's stomach and searches for a way out. The group travels to a building inside the monster and learns that a swarm of parasites are the reason that the Rockgagong is on its berserk state. Sophie and the others defeat the parasites, along with the queen parasites and manage to calm the beast. The good luck chard that Hubert gave the group in Lhant begins to leak pepper out, causing the Rockgagong to sneeze the party out. The group find themselves in the desert again and meet and elderly traveler. The traveler thanks them for their work ad tells them they will meet again someday.

After the group arrives in Yu Liberte, they meet with the elderly traveler from the desert, who is revealed to be the president of Strahta, Dylan Paradine. Asbel tries to convince the President to let Hubert govern Lhant longer, while the group waits for his return. When Asbel returns, he informs the rest of the group that the President will have to eventually remove Hubert from governing Lhant, because of Strahta's low production of cryas. Then, Sophie and the others help out an engineer working on the valkines cryas in the Strahta Desert Ruins and finds out about the giant cryas's current condition. The group goes to an inn and Pascal devise a plan to fix the valkines cryas. The group speaks with the President about Pascal's plan and manages to obtain the permission to enter the Strahta Desert Ruins.

The group arrives in the Strahta Desert Ruins and have Pascal fix the valkines cryas. However, Richard arrives on a dragon and drains all of the eleth out of the valkines cryas. Then, he sends two monsters to attack the party while he escapes. After the group defeats the monsters, they return to Yu Liberte and meet up with the President, and Hubert. Asbel informs the President of the situation and everyone comes to the conclusion that Richard's next target is Fendel's valkines cryas. Hubert decides to join the group, and they travel to Warrior's Roost on a boat to meet a Strahtan Spy. After the group arrives on Warrior's Roost, they learn from Fendel soldiers that the Strahtan spy has been kidnapped. The Fendel soldiers challenge Sophie and the others to a match in the arena in exchange for the spy. The group accepts the challenge to save the informant. After they win, the leader tries to kill the spy but is quickly struck down by the guardian of Riot Peak. The group and the spy take the ship to Fendel, where Pascal vomits a bunch of bananas.

Lineage and Legacies[]

After the party defeats Lambda and frees Richard from his control, Sophie observes how Lambda has changed from merging with a hopeful Asbel. She decides this "Lambda" does not have to be destroyed, and everyone is satisfied to have Sophie remain with them. She is seen during the story's ending tending to her Sopheria flowers outside Asbel's manor, where Asbel soon joins her. She tells him of a dream she had where she fell asleep in a flower field and woke up an adult, and this vision makes her wonder if she can grow at all.

Toward the beginning of the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc in Tales of Graces ƒ, Sophie is with Asbel visiting his father's grave at the graveyard in Lhant. After a brief conversation with Asbel, she begins to worry about what will become of her when all her friends die, seeing she is very different from the rest of them and wish to become a human. As she worries, she begins having visions of a strange woman, later revealed to be the Fodra Queen, attempting to convince Sophie to join her to vanquish the loneliness.

In the final battle against the Fodra Queen, Sophie refused to follow her, convincing the Fodra Queen that she is an enemy. After the Fodra Queen's defeat, with Lambda's help, Sophie able to convince the Fodra Queen to find another way to save Fodra. The Fodra Queen then merges with Sophie, giving Sophie some human aspects, such as being able to shed tears. Sophie decides to live her life as it is since she realizes that she will not be alone as long as Lambda is with her until they reach an understanding with Fodra. After the credits, an older Sophie is seen at Lhant Hill playing with a young boy who looks similar to Asbel but with Cheria's hair color. She reads him a story about a boy who took care of a "seed" he found. As she tells the story, the tree with the friendship pact is shown, and Lambda's name is carved next to Sophie's, thereby including him in the pact.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sophie Status

Status image in Tales of Graces.

Sophie has lavender hair with long pigtails that reach down to her legs, and during the main arc of the game, she wears her humanoid armor, with which she was born. It consists of a gray suit with a pink over-vest that has magenta lining. She wears a black belt that connects to her white leg warmers, and on her arms are large dark blue gloves, fastened by red rings at the top. She wears light pink shoes, with a red ribbon on each, and an anklet on her right foot. In the "Lineage and Legacies" arc of the game, she becomes accustomed to human clothes.

Sophie is first seen sleeping in a flower field at the top of Lhant Hill by a young Asbel and Hubert. She appears to lack any common sense at first, shown by almost walking off the cliff while chasing a butterfly. Due to her amnesia, Sophie has only basic knowledge of communication, and knows little of anything else, especially emotions; however, as the story progresses, she develops strong bonds with everyone she meets, fueled by her desire to protect those important to her, a trait learned from Asbel. She is often left confused at the more complicated discussions that the party has, and takes many things too seriously. Due to the fact that she does not know much about the world, she is incredibly curious about the world around her often asking the party many questions, though mostly trivial.

Fighting Style[]

Sophie Cut-in (ToG)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

Sophie has two main styles: the Martial Assault Artes (格闘技 Kakutouwaza?, "Martial Artes Style"), which specializes in unarmed attacks and the Regenerative Burst Artes (再生術 Saiseijutsu?, "Regenerative Burst Style"), which has an equal focus between healing artes and photon-based attacks. Her assault artes have high focus on speed and maneuverability, while her healing burst artes focus more on single-target as opposed to Cheria's area-based ones, while her offensive burst artes are mainly long-ranged techniques that draw inspiration from her friends. In Japanese, the title of those artes contain sounds that are shared with the character they are from as well as imitating their speeches and voice pitches, while in English, the techniques directly reference the character's weapons.

In Tales of Graces ƒ, Sophie's Accelerate Mode is called Ex Boost (ハイブースト Haibuusuto?, "High Boost"), which envelops her in light, damaging enemies by Front Stepping as well as quickly closing the distance between them while increasing her HP and CC recovery rate until her Accelerate Mode wears down.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Zestiria[]

Sophie Cut-in (ToZ)

Cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria.

In Tales of Zestiria, Sophie appears and fights Sorey and Rose. Due to the "resonance" she carries, she can only see four floating lights around them. After the fight, Sorey explains that they are his friends. When Rose asks why she attacked them, she responds that an unknown power is distorting the dimensions, and that there will be no way out unless its power source is cut. With that said, she leaves to find the invisible source.

Tales of Asteria[]

Star Fragments[]

In Tales of Asteria, Sophie is first seen speaking to a young Richard in a field. Suddenly, Richard starts screaming in pain as he gives an item to a confused Sophie.

She is next seen travelling with Kyle Dunamis, Reala, and Judas, intent on undoing the damage of the war, by traveling to the past, and preventing king Richard from obtaining the Star Fragments. However, once they reach Barona things turn south as a completely changed Richard ambushes them, and Sophie is separated from the group.

Sophie is next seen on a beach, found by Pascal, struck with amnesia, only remembering that she needed to see Richard. Pascal joins her on her journey to Windor.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Sophie Cut-in (TotW-RM3)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

In Tales of Crestoria, an unnamed Sophie is confronted by a group of transgressors who find her in a morgue of Malcolm Sloat's victims. Sophie fights them with unbelievable power and escapes the manor.

Side Story: Sophie[]

Sophie is taken in by sanctess Ange Serena, who gives her the name Rainy (レイニー?) as she was found surrounded by monster corpses when it was raining. Rainy eventually becomes part of Ange's sanctuary in Martino. During a shopping errand, Rainy runs into Asbel Lhant, who helps her buy groceries for dinner. On her way back, Rainy hears a sound similar to a lullaby. She follows the sound until she finds herself inside the Derelict House. When the sound stops, she spots a piano, similar the organ Ange had back on her sanctum. Rainy plans to bring the others here to learn more when she is attacked by monsters. As she fights them off, Asbel appears and helps her. After escorting Rainy back to the sanctuary, Asbel joins in for dinner and decides to stay for a while. Rainy takes Asbel to the Derelict House to see if he can hear the same sound she did, but to no avail. Back at the sanctuary, Rainy explains to Asbel that the first thing she remembers is the scenery when Ange found her, and that she has been having nightmares recently. One day, Rainy hears the same sound again, even though she is not anywhere near the Derelict House. Ange sends the girl to bed over concern for her sleep. That night, Rainy is seen fighting monsters, whispering to herself that she needs to be strong.

After having another nightmare, Rainy finds Asbel arguing with someone. Before long, the stranger runs off, and Rainy and Asbel are attacked by monsters. They manage to fight them off and escape back to the sanctuary. The next morning, while tending the garden, Rainy encounters a small, hungry monster. Rainy gives the young monster left-over carrots to eat, and names her "Kee-woo" after the sound it makes. When Asbel wakes up and sees Kee-woo, he convinces Rainy to take her somewhere where she cannot hurt anyone.

That night, Rainy has a nightmare with Asbel fighting Kee-woo. When she wakes up, she cannot find Asbel anywhere. She walks out into the forest to find Asbel fighting Kee-woo, who has gone berserk. Rainy is forced to subdue Kee-woo. Reluctantly, Asbel reveals that he came to monitor Rainy. A man named Julius Will Kresnik arrives to congratulate Asbel for buying him time before they are attacked by another monster horde. After fighting them off, Rainy asks Julius if he knows her. Julius reveals to her that she was originally a weapon called Protos Heis, designed to combat Kasque, and has since been studied by the Spirus Corporation ten years ago, until she was suddenly set loose. Lately, Rainy's power has, against her will, been attracting monsters and driving them mad. Knowing how dangerous Rainy has grown, Julius proclaims she needs to be destroyed. Rainy is saved at the last minute by Ange, who refuses to let her die.



Chibi Sophie
  • Sophie is the diminutive of Sophia, which is derived from "σοφία", the Greek word for "wisdom".
  • Since her adoption by Asbel during "Lineage and Legacies" chapter of Tales of Graces ƒ, she is known as Sophie Lhant (ソフィ・ラント Sofi Ranto?); in Tales of Zestiria, Sophie introduces herself as such.
  • In the Sound Test of Tales of Graces ƒ, there are calls for artes that Sophie does not have access to in the final version of the game. These artes are: Scattering Shot, Strike Rose, and Flash Rose.
  • Sophie's main arc outfit appears as a legacy costume for QQ Selezneva in Tales of Innocence R.
  • In her artwork, Sophie uses the "Gauntlets", which appear as her default weapon in her crossover appearances.
  • Sophie's "iDOLM@STER" costume is based on the one Eri Mizutani wears in THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars. Both characters are voiced by Kana Hanazawa.


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