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The Sorcerer's Ring as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

The Sorcerer's Ring (ソーサラーリング Soosaraaringu?, "Sorcerer Ring") is an important key item in the Tales series. It was first introduced to the series in Tales of Phantasia, and its power can be altered into different elements and abilities, wile its primary function is to solve puzzles in dungeons.

Appearances in Original Titles

Tales of Phantasia

The Sorcerer's Ring as it appears in Tales of Phantasia (iOS).

The Sorcerer's Ring is a ring blessed by Efreet that shoots fire and can be found in the Cave of Burning Sand. Unlike most future games, it is an accessory that needs to be equipped to an accessory slot in order to be used. In the iOS version of the game, it introduces a special button that appears when is equipped to shoot.

Tales of Destiny

In the original PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny, the Sorcerer's Ring is found in the Frozen River and shoots out a beam of light that requires one Lens per use. In the PlayStation 2 remake of the game, it is instead found in Tilso Forest.

Tales of Eternia

The Sorcerer's Ring is given to the party by Rem, initially to be used to cross the Bridge of Light. From that point, it is also used for other puzzles. In addition to the standard Sorcerer's Ring, this game also features the Freeze Ring, which is obtained from Celsius and is used in much the same way.

Tales of Destiny 2

Judas gives the party the Sorcerer's Ring in Darilsheid prison, which can be used to ignite things. Like the original Tales of Destiny, each shot requires one Lens.

Tales of Symphonia

The party obtains the Sorcerer's Ring almost at the very beginning of the story when Lloyd Irving and the others go to Martel Temple. The ring is a holy artifact from the Church of Martel. It begins with the default element of Fire, but the element is changed every via terminals found in dungeons to cause various effects. Shooting an enemy with most powers will cause them to be temporarily stunned.

Tales of Legendia

The Sorcerer's Ring in this game can only be used when Senel Coolidge and his friends go into in "Puzzle Booths". During the Character Quests, the party receives a unrelated item called the Sorcerer's Scanner from Madame Musette, which allows them to find hidden treasures and rare monsters.

Tales of the Abyss

Mieu from Tales of the Abyss wearing the Sorcerer's Ring.

The Sorcerer's Ring in this game is a magical item that Mieu wears around his waist that allows him to speak human language, and can be upgraded by the power of concentrated Fonons in certain dungeons to perform different helpful actions. These include Mieu Fire, where Mieu blows a ball of fire straight forward, used to activate switches and solve various puzzles; Mieu Attack, where Mieu is propelled forward to break objects and hit switches; and Mieu Wings, where Mieu flaps his ears and lifts the player characters into the air, useful for reaching high platforms and ladders. Mieu Fire and Mieu Attack can also stun enemies or enrage them.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Emil Castagnier gains the Sorcerer's Ring when he becomes a "Knight of Ratatosk". According to Tenebrae, the Sorcerer's Ring is a symbol of the pact with Ratatosk. Like in the previous game, it begins with the Fire element and is changed through the use of terminals. In this game, the ring can either be used be used to stun or attract enemies, depending on what element they are and what element the ring currently is. It is aimed with the Wii Remote.

Tales of Vesperia

The Sorcerer's Ring is a sort of key that is used to open doors in ruins by firing a ball of condensed aer at blastia to make them work. It can be upgraded if the ring is exposed to a large quantity of aer, such as aer leaks from machinery or an aer krene, the ring will change and gain new abilities. These changes allow it to activate larger blastia or simply knock more stuff away. When an enemy is hit it may become stunned, frozen, or enraged and attack faster. It is given to the party in the Shaikos Ruins by Rita Mordio.

Tales of Hearts

The Sorcerer's Ring in Tales of Hearts is given by wandering elf throughout the story. This is a very important key item during the game, as it is needed for overcoming obstacles found in dungeons. The ring is capable to shoot three kind of lights, and each has their own usage. The first is red and capable for burning or emitting light. The second is blue and capable to push obstacle and illuminate areas. The third can acts as a some sort of rope that is capable of pulling items, such as levers, or help characters swing from one place to another. The Sorcerer's Ring is accessed from the touch screen. However in Tales of Hearts R the party receives the Sorcerer's Ring from Gall Gruner during the events of the Anders Mine, in order to activate the mechanism inside the mine.

Tales of Berseria

The Sorcerer's Ring as it appears in Tales of Berseria.

Brunhilt, the Sorcerer's Ring, is an item in Tales of Berseria obtained when Velvet Crowe devours a fatally injured Seres and resembles its namesake from Tales of the Abyss. It enables the use of Break Souls. It is the only game in the series where the Sorcerer's Ring does not fire any kind of projectile.

Similarly to Siegfried, Brunhilt is also a name of an actual person: in this case it shares its name with "the great malak" Brunhilt.

Appearances in Cross-Over Titles

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

The Sorcerer's Ring appears as a tool that the Descender can use to solve puzzles. Initially, its only use is to shoot a green projectile to hit targets that are unreachable by the Descender. After its first upgrade, it changes to a fiery projectile that is able to light torches or burn down bushes and activate the red switch, which changes the floors in the northern area of Almanac Ruins in an order of two. It also gains the ability to immobilize enemies if they are hit for at least three seconds before it wears off. Its second and final upgrade is only post-game, in which it releases an icy projectile that activates the final switches and the blue switch, which randomizes the floors in the northern area of Almanac Ruins.

Appearance in Other Media

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

A ring inherited from the planet's defenses. It bears a mysterious power. It allows its wielder to shoot fireballs to remove obstacles and clear paths.[1]

During the crossover quest chain "Tails of Time and the Brave Four - Tales of Cronographia", the Sorcerer's Ring is given to Aldo and the heroes of the Tales Series. It is used to solve puzzles and open passages during the quests.


  • While not appearing in Tales of Zestiria, as Sorey grows as a Shepherd he gains powers similar to the Sorcerer's Ring, which he uses during his journey. The first power he obtains is the power of fire, which is a default function on the Sorcerer's Ring in the series.