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Spark Wave as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Spark Wave (スパークウェーブ / スパークウェブ Spaaku'ueebu / Supaaku'uebu?, "Spark Web") is an intermediate-level spell in the Tales series. It is an electricity-based spell that often appears as part of the Lightning or Wind element.

Arte Description and History

Spark Wave is a spell that summons a ball of electricity that damages any opponent caught within its area of effect. It is a moderately powerful spell that deals several rapid hits, making it one of the more useful spells to use in combos during battle. This spell is first introduced in Tales of Eternia, used early on by an unnamed Celestian antagonist, who is later revealed to be Hyades. He has the ability to cast Spark Wave instantly, often chaining into it after casting Thunder Blade. During the third Seyfert Trial, Reid Hershel experiences the life of a younger Shizel, who has Spark Wave as one of four spells available to her during this time. Spark Wave cannot be used by any other playable character.

In Tales of Symphonia, this spell is available to Genis Sage if he is aligned with the "Strike" branch of artes, after mastering Lightning. Its "Technical" counterpart is Thunder Blade. Spark Wave is required to obtain the spells Thunder Arrow and Earth Bite. Spark Wave can also be used by several enemies in the game, including Kvar, the Drake in the Meltokio Coliseum, and the second form of the final boss. Spark Wave later appears in Tales of the Abyss, where it is an FOF Change that is achieved by using the Light-elemental spell Limited within a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle. Upon activation, a ray of light is called down upon the opponent, similar to Limited, but explodes into a ball of electricity that deals Wind-elemental damage across a larger area.

In the PlayStation 2 remakes of Tales of Destiny, Spark Wave is used exclusively by the second form of the final boss. Rather than a spell with an incantation, this attack acts more like an elemental burst, often activated immediately after performing a "Damage Break" to cancel staggering from the party's attacks. When the Damage Break effect is activated, the final boss teleports himself close to a party member and spreads his limbs, summoning a large sphere of lightning around himself. This attack has a very high chance to stun the party characters, and even if it fails to stun them, it leaves them staggered for an extended period of time, leaving them vulnerable. Unlike other spells, damage cannot be prevented by continuously using Charge throughout the spell's duration, making it one of the most dangerous attacks the final boss can use, especially if he teleports over a group of multiple party members before activating his elemental burst. After the party reduces his health past a specific point, he is free to use Spark Wave without requiring the initial Damage Break, allowing him to teleport anywhere on the battlefield and use the attack at any time.

In Tales of Hearts, this incarnation of the spell consists of an electrified web that stretches out from the user. Spark Wave is one of the weaker Light-elemental spells in the game, second only to Photon. In Tales of Link, Anise Tatlin originally uses Limited during a cutscene, but this was changed to Spark Wave in localization. In Tales of the Rays, this arte is Light-elemental.


Spark Wave as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

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Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Symphonia

Japanese Description: 大気中に電撃空間を作り出し敵を攻撃する 雷系中級魔術
Localized Description: "Lightning (mid): create an area of charged enemy."[1]

User: Kvar
Localized Quote: "This is the end... Spark Wave!"[2]

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Quote: 紫電の槌よ、ビリビリにしちゃって、スパークウェブ!
Romanized Quote: Shiden no tsuchi yo, biribiri ni shichatte. Spark Web!
Localized Quote: "Hammer of lightning! Make 'em tingle! Heh Heh! Spark Wave!"

Tales of Hearts

User: Kohaku Hearts
Japanese Quote: 奔れ光念!スパークウェブ!

Tales of Innocence R

User: Spada Belforma, Kongwai Tao
Japanese Quote: 走れ迅雷 裁きの雷光、スパークウェブ!

User: Hasta
Japanese Quote: ツクツクボーシ、ツクツクボーシ、スパークウェブ!

Tales of Hearts R

Localized Description: "An arte for adepts that imprisons the target in a swirling sphere of lightning."

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 大気中に雷球を発生させ敵を攻撃する術

User: Shizel
Japanese Quote: 呪縛を受けよ!スパークウェブ!

User: Anise Tatlin
Japanese Description:


Japanese Quote: ビリビリにしちゃって!スパークウェブ!