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Game Tales of Zestiria
Leader Rose
Notable Members Eguille
Ayn Talfryn
Ayn Felice

The Sparrowfeathers (セキレイの羽 Sekirei no Hane?, "Wagtail's Wing") is a guild and group of traveling merchants in Tales of Zestiria.


Although they are a merchandising guild, their true work involves the recruitment of assassins under the name Scattered Bones (風の骨 Kaze no Hone?, "Bones of the Wind"), in which they are hired by a client or kill at free will. As long as they get their job done, that is all that matters. They state that it is their "job to kill". Eguille serves as their leader while Rose is busy accompanying Sorey on his journey. Before they became the Sparrowfeathers and Scattered Bones, they were a famous mercenary guild known as the Windriders, who were forcibly disbanded by the Rolance imperial family after being linked to the death of one of the Empire's princes.

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