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Spiral Cave
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Phandaria
Region Southern Hemisphere
Ruler King Garr Kelvin

Spiral Cave (スパイラルケイブ Supairarukeibu?) is a location in Tales of Destiny 2. It is nestled within Phandaria's mountain range and serves a small role in the game's plot as the location where Barbatos Goetia takes Atwight Eks in order to lure Dymlos Timber. The location is only available in the present timeline of the story, having crumbled in the future timeline.


The group ventures to the cave after learning of Atwight's kidnapping, Dymlos refusing to accompany them in the mission to rescue her because he sees it as detrimental to the overall plans of the Er'ther army. Before reaching Barbatos, they are ambushed by one of his monster minions, "Halphas", but manage to defeat it. At the end of the cave, they find Barbatos acting leisurely before his captive, drinking alcohol while conversing with Atwight to pass the time. As the group arrives, Barbatos activates a force of dark energy that traps them within its walls and gloats about his perceived victory before being assault by Fire-elemental magic energy from behind, breaking the barrier as Dymlos makes his appearance.

All combatants then prepare for battle as an image of Elrane appears before Barbatos, demanding he cease wasting time and casting a spell in an attempt to control him, which he resists and proceeds to threaten her, declaring that he will venture to Dycroft on his own terms, not as her slave. He then turns to Judas, calling him by the name "Leon Magnus" and telling him that he wasted the second chance of life Elrane had given him. Unlike Judas, Barbatos says he will do everything that can be done to make things happen the way he way he desires, challenging Kyle Dunamis to face him at Dycroft before vanishing once more. Dymlos and Atwight then share a moment of being reunited before everyone leaves to return to the Er'ther military base.