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Spiral Draco
Spiral Draco (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Necropolis of Nostalgia
Race Entelexeia
Occupation King of the Entelexeia

Spiral Draco (スパイラルドラコ Supairarudorako?) is the king of all Entelexeia in Tales of Vesperia. He serves as an optional boss in the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition versions of the game.


When the group visits the Necropolis of Nostalgia, located at the bottom of Zaude, they find the City of the Waning Moon, where the souls of the Children of the Full Moon who sacrificed their lives reside in a realm detached from time and the reality of the world above. Deeper within, they find the king of the Children of the Full Moon, Ohma, who claims to be imprisoned. Long ago, the Entelexeia and ancestors of the Children of the Full Moon worked together to seal Ohma away for 1,000 years due to a conflict among the Children of the Full Moon. He only managed to stay alive so long thanks to a drug known as amrita (アムリタ?), which caused adverse effects and transformed him into a mutated creature.

Seeking revenge from those who imprisoned him, he flees, and the group pursues him. Upon finding him, they witness his transformation into his true form and face him in battle. After this, he flees farther underground, an area accessible only once the game has been beaten. In this new area, they encounter Ohma again, this time accompanied by a large, fearsome Entelexeia. Estelle pleads with Ohma, who remains intolerant to the group while he stands near the silent Entelexeia. The Fell Arms then appear, and Ohma claims that he was the one who forged them using powerful apatheia, given to him by the Entelexeia Spiral Draco, who looms nearby, observing the scene but not saying a word.

Ohma states that the Fell Arms were intended to be his way of killing those who betrayed him, and he then offers himself to Spiral Draco, fusing with the beast with the ultimate intention of destroying the world. The group, fearing what it would mean if Spiral Draco was set free in this state, subdues him through a long, arduous battle that serves as one of, if not the hardest in the game even at lower difficulties.

Fighting Style

Spiral Draco is comprised of six body parts in battle: a central head, a left head, a right head, his body, a left tail, and a right tail. These body parts yield massive amounts of health and varying elemental attributes, often dealing damage with a wide swath of ranged attacks. The central head possesses powerful Light-elemental spells such as Angel Ring and Holy Lance, as well as the KO-reversing Resurrection, which it uses to endlessly revive the other body parts. His mystic arte is Disparage.