Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Occupation Chosen of Mana

Spiritua (スピリチュア Supirichua?) is a significant historical figure in Tales of Symphonia.


Spiritua was the first Chosen of Mana in the world of Sylvarant. She is the founder of the Church of Martel and gave her first sermon in Palmacosta's church. More than 800 years prior to the events of the story, Spiritua was successful in the Journey of World Regeneration, spurring the evangelism of the doctrine. In Sylvarant, many books relating to Spiritua and her journey still exist, with the Book of Regeneration, which chronicles the details of her journey, being one of the most notable. The Spiritual Apocrypha is another noteworthy text chronicling Spiritua's journey, found in the Tower of Mana and naming her guardian priests as Wong and Lei.

Despite Spiritua's reverence in Sylvarant, she is remembered as the "Angel of Death" in Tethe'alla, feared due to her bringing about the decline of the world. There once existed a Spiritua in Tethe'alla who oppressed those who opposed the Church of Martel, rumored to have even killed a king due to his attempt to dispose of a Chosen. Despite these coincidences, the two Spirituas have never been confirmed to be the same person. Nonetheless, by Spiritua's efforts, Sylvarant experienced its most prosperous period, known as the Sylvarant Dynasty. However, at some point after Spiritua's success, one of Tethe'alla's Chosen was successful in the Journey of Regeneration, reversing the mana flow, which resulted in an extended period of prosperity for Tethe'alla, as Sylvarant had numerous failed Chosen afterward.