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Official artwork of spyrix technology.

Spyrix (黒匣ジン Kurohako / "Jin"?, "Black Box" / "Gin") is a type of technology in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. They are devices that allow the user to cast spirit artes without having to recite an incantation, as well as without needing an active mana lobe. Spyrite technology is a derivative of spyrix and offers a safer alternate method of preserving spirits.


Spirit fossils are required in order for spyrixes to be used, using the mana stored within the spirit fossil to lure spirits as if it were normal channeling through a mana lobe. Like in normal channeling, it then forces the spirits to cast the spell, but unlike when a mana lobe exchanges mana with the spirits in order to cast the arte, spyrix provides no mana, exhausting the spirits' mana instead. As a result, lesser spirits often run out of mana quickly and die. It is for this reason that Milla Maxwell begins her journey in Tales of Xillia, venturing to the Rashugal capital of Fennmont to investigate and ultimately destroy the Lance of Kresnik, an extremely powerful spyrix superweapon with devastating effects on spirits.