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A Squire (従士 Juushi?) is a human who acts as an assistant to the Shepherd in Tales of Zestiria. They are able to share in the Shepherd's burden, allowing them to see seraphim if they are unable and granting them the power to purify malevolence.


The Squire is a human who, through a pact, can gain some of the Shepherd's powers. The Shepherd grants them a true name, which is unique to their pact; the Squire can received another true name if they form a pact with another Shepherd. The Squire gains the ability to purify malevolence as long as the Shepherd is nearby. The pact also allows the Squire to perceive seraphim if their resonance is not high enough, though the effort places great strain on the Shepherd and can cause fatigue and blindness. In Tales of Zestiria the X, the Squire is able to share thoughts and emotions over a long distance, and they may share the burden the Shepherd takes on when they purify malevolence. As a consequence, the Squire links their life with the Shepherd, and should the Shepherd perish, the Squire will as well.

List of Squires

  • Alisha Diphda - The first one to form a pact with Sorey, the Shepherd during the Age of Chaos, she eventually parts ways with him when she discovers that her low resonance is putting immense strain on Sorey. She forms another pact with Rose three months after the Age of Chaos in the post-game DLC titled "Alisha's Story".
  • Rose - Sorey's Squire after Alisha, with a high enough natural resonance that the pact does not have the same debilitating effects on Sorey. She eventually takes on the mantle of the Shepherd three months after the Age of Chaos in "Alisha's Story".