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Steel as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Steel (鋭招来 Eishourai?, "Sharp Invitation"[1]) is a self-buffing strike arte in the Tales series, first used by Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss.

Arte Description and History

This arte, in its first appearance in Tales of the Abyss, raises the user's critical hit rate for a short period of time, with an additional recovery effect if the arte is equipped with the Fon Slot Chamber item "Grass Chamber". When used within a fully-charged Fire or Light FOF Circle, this arte is converted into Coil. Marta Lualdi from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World uses a version that increases her dexterity, while the version used by Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia increases his attack power and is capable of inflicting damage to enemies in contact with him. In Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2, Jude can alter Steel into Coil if he has the "Second Artes" skill equipped and the "Artes" button is held while Steel is used. The Super Star Trio in Tales of Zestiria draws its moveset from Jude, and Steel is one of the artes all members share.


Steel as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Steel as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Description: 気を集中させクリティカルダメージを 出しやすくする特技。
Localized Description: "Concentrate and temporarily raise your chances of making a critical hit."[2]

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Description: 内なる闘気を燃やし、少しの間、攻撃力を上昇させる 武身技。衝撃波でダウンした敵を起こすことができる。
Localized Description: "A rush of battle lust that boosts P. ATK temporarily. Its shock wave can juggle fallen foes."

Japanese Quote: 銀河爆発!

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Japanese Description: 己の精神を研ぎ澄まし力を呼び覚ます特技。使う事でステータスがアップする
Localized Description: "Sharpens spirit and calls forward power. Increases own stats."

Tales of Crestoria

Japanese Quote: 力よ集え!鋭招来!

Tales of Arise

Localized Description: "An arte that temporarily raises own Attack and Elemental Attack by 30% for a set period."