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Stella Telmes
Stella Telmes (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Hometown Lake village
Age 17
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Race Ferines
Occupation Merines
Japanese Voice Actor Mie Sonozaki
English Voice Actor Jennifer Hale[1]
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Stella Telmes (ステラ・テルメス Sutera Terumesu?) is the sister of Shirley Fennes in Tales of Legendia. The main character, Senel Coolidge, was once in love with her.



Stella and Shirley were born in a Ferines lake village on the Mainland, one presumably within the borders of the country of Gadoria. Shirley was born to become the Merines, the hailed savior of the Ferines, and Stella, her older sister, protected her with her life. When Shirley was ten, Senel, a secret agent sent by Vaclav Bolud to kidnap the Merines, infiltrated the Ferines village. However, the peaceful, loving atmosphere of the village was everything Senel wished for, and he abandoned his mission and fell in love with Stella, swearing to protect Shirley along with her. Only two years passed before Vaclav found and attacked the Ferines village. Stella used her Teriques to protect Senel and Shirley both, but was badly injured and, to all appearances, died in Senel's arms, begging that he promise to protect Shirley and never reveal his initial mission to her.

Aboard the Legacy[]

Unknown to Senel or Shirley, who fled the ruins of the village and spent the next three years on the run from Vaclav, Stella was not dead. Her unconscious, dying body was taken into custody by the Gadorian soldiers and brought back to Vaclav, who had her frozen into a capsule at the Ruins of Frozen Light, as she was the Merines' sister and could be useful in the future.

When Vaclav invaded the Legacy in hopes of taking control of it and using the Nerifes Cannon to destroy the rival Holy Rexalian Empire, he forced Stella to become a proto-Merines, using her to control the ship. With her consciousness merged with the Legacy, Stella was aware the moment Senel and Shirley landed on her, and although she did everything within her power to distract Vaclav and protect Senel, Vaclav managed to kidnap Shirley and brought to the Ruins of Frozen Light, where she was brought face-to-face with the suspended Stella. When Senel arrived to rescue Shirley, the sight of Stella unbalanced him so much that he was easily defeated by Vaclav. However, from her state of suspended animation, Stella managed to manifest her teriques to rescue him and bring him to safety.

Vaclav used Shirley to raise the Bridge of the Legacy in order to access the Nerifes Cannon, and brought Stella, Shirley, and Fenimore Xelhes to the cannon in order to power its shots. Prepared this time, Senel battled and defeated Vaclav, but too late to stop him from firing the Nerifes Cannon. The blast would have destroyed the entire Holy Rexalian Empire, had not Stella managed to block the shot with the power of her teriques. The force of the blast was too much for Stella, however, and the impact destroyed her Teriques and, by extension, her. Shirley managed to use the remaining power in her brooch made of Everlight to bring Stella back to consciousness in time for her to say her last words to Senel, before she finally breathed her last breath.

Appearance and Personality[]

Stella Skit (ToL)

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

Although Stella is only conscious for a few moments in the story, she is talked about extensively by Senel and Shirley, and appears in several flashback sequences. She is a strong young woman: determined, perceptive, kind, and loyal. She enjoys teasing Senel and is extremely protective of her delicate younger sister Shirley. When her village was attacked by the Crusand Empire's army, she did not think twice about facing down the entire army on her own, and was indeed capable of holding them off long enough for Senel and Shirley to escape.


  • The meaning of Stella's true name is "morning star".

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