Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Midgand
A newly founded village on the far side of the Aldina Plains. The settlement's growth is being fueled by logging in the surrounding old-growth woodlands.

Stonebury, Pioneer Settlement (開拓の村 ストーンベリィ?) is a small village in Midgand in Tales of Berseria. Only just recently founded by pioneers, over the span of one-thousand years, it will continue to grow until it eventually becomes Lastonbell, a major town in the Rolance Empire in Tales of Zestiria.


Stonebury is located in the Aldina Plains, inside a small forested area that will eventually become Volgran Forest. Since the village is still growing, only a few homes are constructed, and a couple of farming crops are made to harness the fertile land. Some of the things they grow include radishbells, a poisoness type of potato that, when handled correctly, can become a delicious delicacy. Currently, some of the villagers are finding ways to make various types of wine to distribute across the world, and some are testing out rocks in the village to see if they can make bells from them. A gigantic tree stump is found in the center of the village, and is seen as an iconic feature among settlers.


Velvet Crowe and her group travel to Stonebury after being told by a Bloodwings agent that a giant daemon is spotted roaming around Aldina Plains. Since Laphicet detected an earthpulse point in the plains, they get a possible lead of a potential therion. When they arrive in the village, they enter the inn, and encounter Zaveid having a drink with no one in particular. Zaveid says he's having a toast to someone special, which prompted Eizen to leave immediately. Shortly after, a Bloodwings agent arrives, and tells the group that the daemon only shows up at the top of the Aldina Plains mountain on rainy days. Conveniently enough, it starts to rain just as they speak. The group sees it as an opportunity to check out the mountain for the daemon.

When they arrive at the top of the mountain, they find that the daemon residing there is not a daemon at all, nor a therion, but a dragon. Since their initial hunt for a therion turned out to be another dead end, Velvet decides to leave, but Eizen has other plans, and decides to confront the dragon personally. His decision has the group worrying that he may put them in a very dangerous situation, and soon enough, the dragon spots the group and attacks them, leaving them with no other choice but to get involved. In the middle of the fight, Zaveid intervenes and tries to protect the dragon, only to get attacked by it in the process. The dragon escapes, and Zaveid is angry at Eizen for attempting to kill it, insisting that "she" is not a dragon. Zaveid leaves with a warning to Eizen the next time they meet, and the rest of the group calls him out for getting them involved in the first place.

When Laphicet asks if the dragon and Zaveid are somehow related, Eizen explains that dragons are created when malakhim are exposed to too much external malevolence, and that the dragon they've fought was once a malak that Zaveid had a relationship with. He also explains that dragons lose all of their malak sentience upon transforming, so there was no way that dragon could've recognized Zaveid from the start. Eizen thought he was doing Zaveid a favor by killing the dragon in order to end Zaveid's grief, hence why he wanted to get involved with the dragon to begin with. Afterwards, the group heads back to Titania to search for another therion.