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Strahta Emblem.png
Game Tales of Graces
World Ephinea
Region Southern Hemisphere
Capital Yu Liberte
Ruler President Dylan Paradine

Strahta (ストラタ Sutorata?) is a country in Tales of Graces and home to the valkines cryas Duplemar (デュープルマル Deuupurumaru?). Its capital is Yu Liberte, and its current ruler is President Dylan Paradine.


Strahta is a vast desert country that due to Duplemar absorbing Water-elemental eleth from the air. The air is so dry here that people are not even capable of sweating. Its desert stretches across the country, and various mountains frame the continent. On the shores, some green areas exist. Geographically, Strahta lies in the southern hemisphere of Ephinea.


The valkines cryas Duplemar.

Unlike Windor, which is subdivided into various autonomous provinces, Strahta is a unified nation, with all cities falling under one rule. However, these settlements tend to be spread far apart from each other due to the vast desert landscape. A democracy falling under the rule of a president, Strahta is a developed nation boasting the richest city in the world, its capital Yu Liberte. Also unlike Windor, Strahta's valkines cryas is not open to the public, its location only being known to politicians and researchers. Like Fendel, Strahta is suffering from a lack of cryas.

  • Yu Liberte - The capital of Strahta, which is considered to be the richest city in the world and is home to many important families, as well as the president.
  • Oul Raye - A port town on the eastern coast of Strahta. From here, ships go to Lhant and back.
  • Sable Izolle - The City of the Scholars, where eleth is being investigated. It was built on an old Amarcian archive.
  • Beach Resort - A holiday resort located in the west of Strahta.

Strahta Desert Ruins

Scenic imagery of the country, specifically the capital of Yu Liberte.

The Strahta Desert Ruins are more or less hidden in the western portion of Strahta Desert. Only guards and government personnel have access to the ruins because the valkines cryas Duplemar is responsible for the wealth of Strahta. As the name suggests, the surrounding area is ruins, mostly decayed and partly buried in the sand. Unlike most other ruins, it does not appear to be of Amarcian origin. The group is allowed to visit the Strahta Desert Ruins with the permission of President Paradine because Pascal is an expert in the field of valkines cryas.

Duplemar is currently creating problems for the inhabitants of Strahta, which can not be solved by the nation's scientists despite constant work. Paradine hopes that Pascal can help out. When Pascal checks the valkines cryas, she manages to fix it. However, the heroes and present scientists are surprised by Richard, who sought out Duplemar on flying monsters. A battle ensues between Richard's monsters and the heroes, which Richard cannot stop in the end. Richard then absorbs Duplemar's eleth, endangering Strahta's energy supply despite Pascal's repair.

Sandshroud Ruins

Scenic imagery of the country, specifically an overview of Sable Izolle.

The Sandshroud Ruins is an optional dungeon in the game. Ruins of Amarcian origin, they are located in an unexplored sand area part of the Strahta Desert and inhabited by particularly powerful monsters. Specifically, it is located at the eastern end of the Strahta Desert, leaving Oul Raye. Within the ruins there are typical Amarcian puzzles. Eleth has to be guided into gates so that they open. The riddles, however, are much more protracted than those in the Snowshroud Ruins, the Fendelian counterpart to the Sandshroud Ruins. Within both ruins are hot-air cannons, which jointly create a hole into the aquasphere so that one could potentially penetrate Foselos and enter Fodra.