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Straylize Temple
Straylize Temple (ToD PSX).gif
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Seinegald

A Straylize Temple (ストレイライズ神殿 Sutoreiraizu Shinden?) is a religious site dedicated to the Order of Atamoni and its followers in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2.


In Tales of Destiny, the largest and most renown Straylize Temple is located on the northern half of Seinegald's continent, which yields Straylize Forest (ストレイライズの森 Sutoreiraizu no Mori?), a wooded area that leads to the elaborate temple, positioned on a waterfall that draws from a lake and spills into Seinegald's eastern bay. Another Straylize Temple is located within Calvalese's capital of Kalviola. In Tales of Destiny 2, Straylize Forest is fashioned into the large religious city of Aigrette, taking the nearby Straylize Temple as a significant accompaniment to the city. The temple's emblem depicts a frog.



Map of Straylize Forest.

Straylize Temples exist for the worship of the goddess Atamoni, though the original Temple was constructed to conceal and isolate the dreadfully powerful Eye of Atamoni that could not be destroyed following the Aeth'er Wars. Over time, the Temples became a symbol of the Order of Atamoni as religious influence spread, namely in Seinegald, which has a state-ordained faith in the Order. Within the Temple exists a hierarchy of bishops, archbishops, and priests who, aside from these roles, research the Ae'ther Wars era and its civilizations. The Temples play an important role in Tales of Destiny, the one in Seinegald being where the High Priest Lydon Bernhardt steals and flees with the Eye of Atamoni, setting the game's plot in motion.

Tales of Destiny

When the protagonists visit the Straylize Temple at the behest of the King of Seinegald and Hugo Gilchrist, they arrive at the holy site to an eerie silence and the smell of blood. They rescue Bishop Ayles, who frantically attempts to explain the situation before Leon Magnus inquires about the Eye of Atamoni. Ayles refuses at first, citing the top secrecy of the powerful weapon, but Leon convinces him by means of a subtle threat. In the cathedral, Ayles performs a ritual that reveals a hidden passage that leads to a room vacant of the Eye of Atamoni, much to Ayles's surprise.

Map of Straylize Temple.

Stahn Aileron then notices a seemingly well-made statue nearby, and Ayles recognizes the statued woman as Philia Felice. Stahn's Swordian, Dymlos, explains that it must be petrification and returns Philia to her original form. Cured, Philia apologizes to Ayles and explains that she witnessed Lydon undo the seal to the room and retrieve the large Lens, which Philia is surprised to learn is the Eye of Atamoni. Philia recalls Lydon's words, beckoning her to join him in "saving the world", before explaining that Lydon fled on the light from the Eye of Atamoni while monsters attacked the temple. She agrees to accompany the group in pursuing Lydon, against Ayles's objection, and explains that he had been planning on journeying to Calvalese.

In Calvalese, the group visits the capital Kalviola to investigate its Straylize Temple. Philia smuggles the group in at night, and deep within the cathedral, they find Lydon, who berates Philia for leading the group to him, also recognizing Leon's Swordian, Chaltier, and suspecting that someone else is after him, referring to Hugo. Lydon refuses to explain himself to the group, instead summoning a hoard of basilisks with the Eye of Atamoni and fleeing while the group is distracted by the battle. They are then rescued by the Calvalese Oberon branch manager, Baruk Songram, who informs them that sea monsters have begun appearing near Neuestadt, prompting the group to investigate there as well.