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Sulz, the Whitepeak Village (白峰の村スールズ Shiramine no Mura Suuruzu?) is a cold, quiet village located on the northern tip of Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It is home to the protagonists Veigue Lungberg and Claire Bennett, both of whom live there with Claire's parents, Marco and Rakiya Bennett. It is also where Claire's aunt, Popura, lives.


Sulz is mostly isolated and surrounded by mountains, with the only means of entering the village being the Great Larulen Bridge. The village's cold temperature is attributed to the many glaciers nearby. The buildings in Sulz are mostly wooden with slanted rooftops to prevent snowfall from building, and numerous evergreen trees separate the village's buildings from the nearby encompassing mountains. Apart from its homes, inn, and item shop, the village's only other noteworthy place of interest is the assembly hall, where town meetings and other community events take place.


Around one year prior to the events of the story, during the Dusk of Ladras, Veigue unintentionally sealed Claire in a prison of ice in the village's assembly hall when his Force went berserk. At the beginning of the story, Mao and Eugene Gallardo find Veigue guarding the frozen Claire and claim they have come for him. Veigue makes his disinterest evident, though the two strangers change this when Mao uses his Force of Flame to free Claire from her ice prison. Afterward, the four visit Claire's home, where she has a brief reunion with her parents. This reunion is cut short, however, when Saleh and Tohma of the Four Stars storm the village, demanding the most beautiful Huma girl. When Claire is taken, Veigue resolves to find and rescue her, agreeing to accompany Mao and Eugene in pursuing the King's Shield.

Later in the story, after the events at Calegia Castle, Veigue and "Claire", who is actually Agarte Lindblum in Claire's body, return to Sulz to resume their lives. However, due to the recent "impression", as it is called, dissent between Huma and Gajuma has increased dramatically. In Sulz, Popura and other Gajuma residents gather at the assembly hall, refusing to allow Huma to use it since it was built by Gajuma. This creates a conflict, of which Veigue attempts to resolve, but to no avail. Afterward, Annie Barrs visits the village in order to have Veigue accompany her to Mesechina Cavern, where Eugene is showing signs of a grave mental illness. Veigue agrees, and the two leave.

Veigue later returns with Agarte in Claire's body, attempting to allow Claire's parents believe she has returned, though they eventually reveal that, while they do not understand the circumstances, they know Agarte is not their daughter. It is during this visit that Veigue and his companions are able to resolve the local conflict between the Huma and Gajuma residents, celebrating with Popura and the other villagers at the assembly hall.