Summon Friends as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Summon Friends (サモンフレンズ Samonfurenzu?) is an arte that summons allies into battle for a short attack.

Arte Description and History

Summon Friends allows a character to summon one or more allies into battle to attack the enemy. It was first introduced in Tales of Eternia as a powerful Craymel Arte used by the Greater Craymel Gnome, allowing the spirit to call upon his gnome underlings to form a swarm to trample his foes.

The attack is modified heavily in Tales of Vesperia, designed as the mystic arte of Patty Fleur. Similar to some of Patty's other artes, the overall effect is randomized into many different outcomes, though the arte always begins with a giant roulette wheel that falls from the sky and crushes Patty's enemies. She then skips along the outer edge until she trips and lands on one of the faces, activating that particular effect. The outcomes can range from penguins encasing an enemy in a block of ice, to Mieu burning all enemies with a concentrated stream of flame, or even a heavenly being that uses a Judgment-like spell. The effects are as follows:

  • Rappig: several rappigs fall from the sky to hit the targeted enemy
  • Oden: an oden cart runs across the field. There are two variations: one that affects only enemies and one that affects both allies and enemies.
  • Seagull: a flock of seagulls cuts through the target from all directions
  • Octopus: six octopi rise out of the water to surround the enemy, attacking it by spraying ink
  • Mieu: Mieu from Tales of the Abyss releases a jet of flame in a large arc in front of him
  • Penguin: a frigid atmosphere surrounds the enemy, encasing it in a ball of ice until it breaks apart
  • Syringe: a swarm of nurses fully heals HP for all allies
  • Quickie: Quickie from Tales of Eternia fully restores TP for all allies, and fills the Over Limit gauge to its maximum level
  • Wing: an angel casts a Judgment-like spell to attack all enemies, with a chance to heal all allies
  • Axe: Barbatos Goetia from Tales of Destiny 2 uses his signature attack World Destroyer to attack all allies and enemies, preventing all item use for 90 seconds
  • Anchor: Seifer slashes the target several times with his sword, followed by several gunshots

The available outcomes differ depending on Patty's current form. In all forms, she has access to the Rappig and Oden outcomes, and these are the only ones available to her Normal form. She gains access to the Seagull, Octopus, and Mieu outcomes in Advance form, while instead being able to get the Penguin, Syringe, and Quickie outcomes in her Brainiac form. Patty can get all outcomes in Critical form, with Wing, Axe, and Anchor as exclusive outcomes.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Eternia

Localized Quote: "Everyone, charge!"[1]

Tales of Vesperia (PS3) + Definitive Edition

Japanese Quote: 来ませ、運命の友!ふんふふ~ん♪ あぅ!?[2]
Romanized Quote: Kimase, unmei no tomo! Funfufu~n♪ Au!?
Translated Quote: "Come, friends of fate! Funfufu~n♪ Au!?"
Localized Quote: "Come, friends of fate! Lalalalala♪ Ow!?"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 来ませ、運命の友!誰が来るかのぉ♪ あぅ!?[2]
Alternate Romanized Quote: Kimase, unmei no tomo! Dare ga kuru ka no♪ Au!?
Alternate Translated Quote: "Come, friends of fate! Who will come? Au!?"
Alternate Localized Quote: "Come, friends of fate! Who will show up? Ow!?"

Japanese Quote (Oden Cart): むむっ、来たのじゃッ![2]
Romanized Quote (Oden Cart): Mumu, kitano ja!
Translated Quote (Oden Cart): "Mumu, it's here!"
Localized Quote (Oden Cart): "Oh, there you are!"

Japanese Quote (Seifer):

Patty: サ、サイファー…!
Seifer: いざ参る! はっ! せい! はぁ! ふん! うぉおっ、消えろッ![2]

Romanized Quote (Seifer):

Patty: S,Saifaa...!
Seifer: Iza mairu! Ha! Sei! Ha! Fun! Uoo, kiero!

Translated Quote (Seifer):

Patty: "S-Seifer...!"
Seifer: "I've come now! Ha! Sei! Ha! Fun! Uoo, disappear!"

Localized Quote (Seifer):

Patty: "S-Seifer...!"
Seifer: "Time to work! Ha! Sei! Ha! Hu! Haaa, get outta here!"

Alternate Japanese Quote (Seifer): 首領の呼び声に応え、ここに参上! はっ! せい! はぁ! ふん! うぉおっ、消えろッ![2]
Alternate Romanized Quote (Seifer): Bosu no yobikoe ni kotae, koko ni sanjou! Ha! Sei! Ha! Fun! Uoo, kiero!
Alternate Translated Quote (Seifer): "I heard the boss's call and have arrived! Ha! Sei! Ha! Fun! Uoo, disappear!"


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