A Support Talent (サポートタレント Sapoototarento?) is a special ability designed to aid the party outside of battle, appearing in the PlayStation 2 remake and Director's Cut versions of Tales of Destiny and Tales of Zestiria.


Tales of Destiny (PS2)

Once the party expands to five characters, the support position opens up. A character assigned to this position activates the support talent associated with that character.

Tales of Zestiria

Main article: ToZ - Support Talents

The system is expanded such that each character in the party can activate a support talent at the same time. All characters have a maximum of four support talents, some of which are unlocked by default and some of which require certain conditions. Only one support talent can be active per character. Support talents also level up and increase in speed and potency as they are used, though there is mitigation to prevent common auto-leveling tricks.

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