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Surviving Hollin as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

Surviving Hollin (サバイヴィング・ホリン Sabaivingu Horin?) is one of the three universal Blast Calibers exclusive to the PlayStation 2 and Director's Cut versions of Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History

When executed, the screen becomes occupied by a gaping void of dark energy that splits in the center, allowing a fluorescent purple beam to materialize and strike the earth. This final part is accompanied by a barrage of red and white energy that repeatedly damages the target.

In order to perform Surviving Hollin, the player must be on their second playthrough or later. However, it is possible to execute the move on the first playthrough if a "Clear Game" save file is present on the memory card. In addition, the Blast Gauge must be filled to Level 2 or above, and a combo of at least 100 hits must be performed prior to activating through pressing the "Attack" and "Artes" buttons.

All playable characters have access to the move. Lilith Aileron can only use it when a "Narikiri Lilith" (なりきりリリス?) accessory is equipped to another character with access to the second level of the Blast Gauge, as she herself has only one level. Kronos is also capable of performing Surviving Hollin if Barbatos Goetia has been defeated in the Arcana Ruins prior. Kronos will execute the move as a counter to Recover, or Shouourekka in the Director's Cut version. For playable characters, Raintive Orion must be executed in order for Surviving Hollin to be triggered, and both Raintive Orion and Surviving Hollin must be executed in order for Celestial Earth to be triggered.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut

User: Stahn Aileron

Japanese Quote:

Stahn: うおおおお!次だ!
Dymlos: 隙を見せるな!
Stahn: 一瞬でいい…!俺に力を!うおおおおあああああッ!

User: Rutee Katrea

Japanese Quote:

Rutee: 逃がさない!
Atwight: 畳み掛けるのよ!
Rutee: あせんじゃないの!貫け!喰らえ!

User: Leon Magnus

Japanese Quote:

Leon: いきみなるな!それで本気か?
Chaltier: 覚悟は出来ましたか?
Leon: もう二度と会うこともないだろう…消えてしまえッ!

User: Philia Felice

Japanese Quote:

Philia: 許しませんっ!どうしましょう…!
Clemente: 一網打尽じゃ!
Philia: おねがい、クレメンテ!
Clemente: 本気でいくぞ!
Philia: 懺悔なさい!

User: Garr Kelvin

Japanese Quote:

Garr: 見せてやろう!捕らえたッ!
Igtenos: 一気に攻めろ!
Garr: 運が悪かったな。行く手をふさぐのならば…容赦はせん!

User: Mary Argent
Japanese Quote: しぶといねぇ!私も…未熟だな。仕留めてやるよ!おりゃあ!はははっ!

User: Chelsea Torn
Japanese Quote: 任せてください!やっちゃうぞ~☆行くよ~!ええ~い!雨あられ~!

User: Bruiser Khang
Japanese Quote: 今だぜ!マッスルマッスル!キター!チャンピオンをなめるなよ!これでさよならだ!おりゃあッ!

User: Karyl Sheeden
Japanese Quote: ついてこれるか?オールOK!盛り上がって来たぜ!お~れの~歌を~聴け~ぇ♪ノリが悪いぜアンタら!

User: Lilith Aileron
Japanese Quote: それはそれとして~☆ ごめんね…とか言ってみたりして☆そ~れっと!まったね~☆

User: Miktran Excessive
Japanese Quote: 消え去れぇ!ヒッヒッヒ!遊びは終わりだぁ!這いずるがいい!絶望はすぐそこだぁ!