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Susanne fon Fabre
Anime Concept Susanne.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Baticul
Race Human
Occupation Duchess of Kimlasca
Japanese Voice Actor Mami Horikoshi

Susanne fon Fabre (シュザンヌ・フォン・ファブレ Shuzan'nu fon Fabure?) is a supporting character in Tales of the Abyss. She is Luke fon Fabre's mother, wife to Crimson Herzog fon Fabre, and sister to Ingobert VI.


Born in N.D. 1974, Susanne married Duke Fabre years prior to the events of the story and gave birth to Luke in N.D. 2000. Mostly passive in nearly all affairs, Susanne suffers from an unnamed illness that renders her body weak and requires her to take regular medication. She proves to be more accepting of Luke's status as a replica than her husband, though both parents come to accept both Luke and Asch, the original Luke, as their sons. Susanne is involved in a sidequest that requires the group to venture into Mushroom Road to retrieve an ingredient for her medication.