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Sven (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 32
Height 170 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Hamada
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Sven (スヴェン Suven?) is a supporting character in Tales of Legendia, serving an important role in Norma Beatty's backstory that is elaborated upon in her Character Quest.


Sven was Norma's teacher when she was young and lived on the Mainland. At some point, Sven discovered Norma's abilities as an Eren and enrolled her in an expensive school. The aloof Norma, however, was never serious and often did not believe the things Sven told her. Eventually, he left in search of the Everlight and did not return. Some time later, Norma heard news of Sven's death aboard the Legacy and decided to leave her home in order to travel to the Legacy and find the Everlight in order to complete her teacher's work.

Norma's Character Quest revolves around her finding the Everlight and proving to Zamaran that Sven was right. She first takes the group to the Ice Monument, and that night, runs to the cemetery to visit Sven's grave and falls asleep. The next day, she tells the group she has given up searching for the Everlight, which causes Zamaran to mock her. Norma runs out of town toward Crystal Forest, and Zamaran reveals the group that his reason for coming to the Legacy was to save Norma from the same fate he and Sven suffered.

In Crystal Forest, Norma arrives at a dead end but discovers a hidden passage and casts the Grave spell on the wall, revealing a chamber. When the group journeys in search of Norma, they find her collapsed on the verge of death, so they give her an antidote that heals her completely. Norma begins to doubt herself again, summoning "Dark Norma" to fight the group. After defeating the illusion, Norma solves the trials of the Everlight and ventures into its resting place. Within, she finds numerous messages left by Sven, revealing his discovery of the Everlight. Norma decides to take Zamaran to the Everlight, which cures his blindness and shatters the Everlight, but Norma manages to grab a shard of it at the last moment and keeps it.