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Kick Attack as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

Swallow Dance (飛燕連脚 Hienrenkyaku?, "Flying Swallow Chain Kick"[1] / "Flying Swallow Chain Leg"), also localized as Kick Attack, is a classic technique of the Tales series. It is one of the most well-recognized, unarmed Fighter artes in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

This arte is an anti-air arte that can be used to hit airborne enemies or to push grounded enemies into the air. This arte has appeared in most games as a rising triple-kick combo, in which the user jumps diagonally toward the target while spinning higher into the air with each kick. In Tales of Eternia and Tales of Symphonia, the arte can be followed immediately with any air arte, due to the unique combo system that allows the unarmed fighter characters to link these different types of artes together.

Although this arte is one of the main attacks of the unarmed fighter's repertoire, a swordsman variant also exists, in which the character does a rising double-kick combo followed by a downward thrust with the equipped weapon. This version of the arte is convenient during the early parts of the games that feature it, but since the first two strikes are considered to be unarmed attacks, damage is significantly weaker due to the loss of the weapon's damage bonuses. Therefore, the swordsman version of this arte usually becomes obsolete later within the games.

In the original Tales of Destiny, the swordsman version is used by both Stahn Aileron and Leon Magnus, but in the remake versions and in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, only Stahn learns it. Instead, Leon obtains Swallow Talon as a replacement.

In all versions of Tales of Symphonia, a Wind-elemental property can be added to Regal Bryant's attack through the use of the "Opal" accessory, the Sylva Seal: Wind arte, a Wind-elemental weapon, or the "Green Quartz" item, to replace Swallow Dance with the more powerful Wind-based arte Super Swallow Dance, if Regal has used Swallow Dance over 200 times. In the PlayStation 2 and subsequent versions of this game, a Lightning-elemental property can be added to Regal's attack through the use of the "Sardonyx" accessory, the Tethe Seal: Lightning arte, a Lightning-elemental weapon, or the "Purple Quartz" item, to replace this same arte with the more powerful Lightning-based arte Storm Dance, again if he has used the original arte over 200 times.


Hienrenkyaku as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

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Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Swallow Dance as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

Tales of Phantasia (SFC)

Japanese Description: 二段げりから突きへとつなぐ三連続技。密着して使うの基本
Romanized Description: Nidan gerikara tsuki e totsunagu sanrenzoku waza. Micchaku shite tsukau no kihon
Translated Description (DeJap Translations): "Kick the enemy then strike them with your weapon twice."[5]

Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Japanese Description: 2段蹴りの後に武器での攻撃を当てる3段技
Localized Description: "A 3 part attack consisting of 2 kicks and a weapon attack."[6]

Tales of Phantasia (PSX)

Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Swiftly combine two kicks and a thrust."
Translated Description (Phantasian Productions): "Base: Combo attack consisting of two flying kicks and a downward thrust."

Tales of Eternia

Japanese Description: 空中への三連続回し蹴り。対空技。空中技へ繋ぐことが可能
Localized Description: "Rise into air with each consecutive attack."

Tales of Symphonia

Japanese Description: 空中への三連続回し蹴り。対空技。空中技へ繋ぐことが可能

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut

Japanese Description: 回転蹴りから突きを繰り出す特技。打撃に弱い敵に有効。
Translated Description (Life Bottle Productions): "Strike an enemy with a flurry of spinning kicks. Effective to foes weak against strike."

Tales of Phantasia (GBA)

Japanese Description: 二段蹴りから突きへとつなぐ連続技
Romanized Descripton: Nidangerikara tsuki e totsunagu renzoku waza
Localized Description: "Combo that starts with a double kick and ends with a thrust."[7]

Tales of Legendia

Japanese Description: 空中で続けざまに出す連続蹴り
Localized Description: "Base: Rapid Spinning kicks in mid-air."[8]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Localized Description: "Base: Strike an enemy with a flurry of spinning kicks."

Tales of Innocence

Japanese Description: 連続して蹴りをおこなう秘技

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Japanese Description: 空中に向かって連続で回し蹴りを行う特技

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Description: 飛び上がりながらの連続回し蹴りで、敵を翻弄する 武身技。攻撃後、自身は空中に残る。
Localized Description: "Consecutive spin kicks that spiral the body further up into the sky."

User: Celsius
Alternate Localized Quote: "Fall!"

Tales of Innocence R

Japanese Description: 連続して回し蹴りを放つ秘技

Tales of Berseria

Japanese Description: 飛び上がりながらの連続回し蹴りで、敵を翻弄する 武身技。攻撃後、自身は空中に残る。
Localized Description: "Launches foes with a spinning kick before booting them back to the ground."

Tales of the Rays

User: Cress Albane
Japanese Description: 敵を空中に蹴り上げ、剣突による追撃
Localized Description: "Kick a foe into the air, then strike it with a sword lunge."

User: Farah Oersted
Japanese Description: 空中を舞う連続蹴り

User: Senel Coolidge
Japanese Description:


User: Velvet Crowe
Japanese Description:


Tales of Arise

Localized Description: "Flies through the air with a triple spinning kick."


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