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Swallow Kick (ToS)

Swallow Kick as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

This article is about the arte used by unarmed characters. For the martial arte used by Artorius Collbrande with the same localized name, see Swallow Kick (Artorius).

Swallow Kick (飛燕脚 Hienkyaku?, "Flying Swallow Kick") is an anti-air arte in the Tales series.

Arte History and Description[]

In Tales of Symphonia, Regal Bryant jumps with his left leg as he performs an upward kick with his right, spinning counterclockwise from the resulting momentum.

In Tales of Innocence, Hermana Larmo jumps with her left leg as she performs a sweeping kick with her right. She then uses the midair momentum to strike in the same direction with her left leg.

This arte is a weaker variant of Swallow Dance, establishing it as the base arte variant of Swallow Dance, similarly to how Dreadfall leads to Swallow Talon.


Swallow Kick (ToI)

Hienkyaku as it appears in Tales of Innocence.

Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Symphonia[]

Japanese Description: 空中に向かって強力に蹴り上げる対空技
Localized Description: "Anti-air attack: a powerful upward kick."

Tales of Innocence[]

Japanese Quote: キック!
Translated Quote (Absolute Zero): "Kick!"