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Sword Dancer
Sword Dancer Model
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tales of Arise
Race •Monster
Zeugle (ToA)
Weapon Swords

The Sword Dancer (ソードダンサー Soododansaa?) is a recurring enemy in the Tales series that first appeared in Tales of Symphonia. It takes the form of a skeletal warrior that constantly seeks strong opponents to fight. Its most significant feature is that it can be fought multiple times in a game, mutating and growing stronger with each battle.

Appearances in Original Titles[]

Tales of Symphonia[]

In Tales of Symphonia, the Sword Dancer appears as a skull in three different areas of the game. It makes its first appearance in the back of the Ossa Trail cave; second appearance in Gaoracchia Forest, a few screens west of the last save point; and final appearance in the Iselia Forest. After the final battle, it drops Lloyd Irving's Kusanagi Blade. The coherence of the Sword Dancer's speech improves with each encounter, indicating the return of its soul. Also, each subsequent time it is fought, a feature is added to its appearance: its second form adds a skeletal tail, and its third form adds skeletal wings. During one of the skits that occurs upon its defeat, it is revealed that it is from the demon world Niflheim, and is seeking strong opponents to fight so that it may grow stronger and complete its form.

Tales of the Abyss[]

As in Tales of Symphonia, there are three forms of the Sword Dancer in Tales of the Abyss. If the previous forms are not fought, the sequential forms will not appear later. The first form is found in Choral Castle as the group is leaving, the second near Theor Forest, and the final on the Isle of Feres, also as the group is leaving. Upon defeating it all three times, it drops one of the most powerful swords in the game, Ultimatus. Like its Symphonia incarnation, it gains additions to its appearance each time it is fought: another pair of arms and a demonic horn that juts out from its head is added for its second form; another pair of arms is added, along with a horned, demonic face for its third form. It is implied through the optional skits that this Sword Dancer is a ghost instead of a demon.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the Sword Dancer appears as the ultimate Dullahan-family monster that can join the group if a Heart Warden statue is equipped to a Crusader at level 52. Its appearance is not based on the original Tales of Symphonia incarnation, instead being based on its design from Tales of the Abyss. It can also be found during a quest to "defeat the ferocious monster" from the Katz guild.

Tales of Vesperia[]

The Sword Dancer appears in the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition versions of Tales of Vesperia. Hisca and Chastel Aiheap are looking for the Sword of Prayer Rag Querion, a legendary sword that only "a true knight" can wield. In order to find it, the party must use the Abyssion and the Sorcerer's Ring to traverse aer krene around Terca Lumireis and reach a portal at the end of each cavern in a specific order. As per tradition, it can be fought three times, though its fighting style changes to resemble dancing, with the animation of altered artes appearing with certain moves. Upon its third defeat, Flynn obtains Rag Querion, promising to live up to its legacy.

Tales of Arise[]

The Sword Dancer appears in Tales of Arise as a giant zeugle that can be found in the Water Astral Energy Separator on Rena. In its first form, its weak spots are on its legs. In the second, it will discard its swords and walk on all six like an insect. Its weak spot is moved to its on the face.