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Sword Deluge (ToG)

Sword Deluge as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Sword Deluge (レストレスソード Resutoresusoodo?, "Restless Sword") is an offensive spell in Tales of Graces.

Arte Description and History[]

When Sword Deluge is used, a purple, vortex-like glyph appears beneath the target. Several blades of darkness then rain from above at an angle, descending in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the glyph. In Tales of the Rays, this arte is Wind-elemental and appropriately recolored to green to fit the element. It also alters into Tireless Sword when used as the sixth or later action in a chain.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Graces[]

Japanese Description: 大量の剣が対象に向かって降り注ぐ威圧術。

User: Richard
Japanese Quote: 来たれ安息なき剣、連なるは悲痛!レストレスソード!
Localized Quote: "Come, rust of blades, draw out the pain! Sword Deluge!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 震えよ!レストレスソード!

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: 休む間も与えない無数の剣を降らせる術

Japanese Quote: 来たれ安息無きつるぎ!レストレスソード!