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Sybak (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Sybakian Continent

Sybak, the University Town (学園都市サイバック Gakuentoshi Saibakku?, "Academic City Sybak") is a city well-known for its Imperial Research Academy and great scientists in Tales of Symphonia. The city's library contains a number of rare, historical texts that provide the group with information on Colette Brunel's Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium and later the Kharlan War.


Tales of Symphonia

Sybak is the place where the group learns more about the Cruxis Crystal, as well as where they make a Key Crest for Colette in an attempt to revert her lifeless state after the final seal at the Tower of Salvation. After obtaining the information, Lloyd Irving and the others visit the market in order to find something to make a Key Crest. There, they find a slightly-destroyed one, which Lloyd claims will work. After fixing it, he gives it to Colette as a late birthday present. However, she does not show any reaction from getting a Key Crest. The group suggests that they can return to Sylvarant and speak with Dirk, as he knows more about Key Crests than Lloyd. Zelos Wilder is against this, but he is subdued. Suddenly, Papal Knights sent by the Pope enter and arrest them for their betrayal. It is then revealed that Genis and Raine Sage are actually half-elves, not elves as they claimed to be. Since half-elves are the lowest in the caste system, the siblings are sent to be executed, and meanwhile, the others are locked in a lab with another half-elf named Kate, who helps them escape after realizing they want to help their friends.

Later in the story, the group returns to Sybak in order to obtain information on Colette's illness and the Kharlan War, when they meet Kratos Aurion. Lloyd challenges him, though Kratos ignores it and tells Colette to remove the Key Crest Lloyd gave her. Colette refuses, claiming it is a present from Lloyd. Kratos merely states that she is being foolish before he exiting the city. Later, Kate informs the group that Kratos came and repaired a machine that could make adamantite, a special-shaped diamond that dwarves are mostly familiar with, but the group fails to understand why Kratos would need such an item. At the library, they manage to find stories about the Kharlan War and how one of the hero Mithos's companions had the same illness as Colette but was cured, and it is here Lloyd admits that he does not think of Kratos as an enemy as much as he shows. The group then resolves to go in search of the ingredients for the cure.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, prior to the events of the story and due to the dormant state of the Centurions Tonitrus and Tenebrae, Sybak has been experimenting a never-ending thunderstorm. The group travels to the city in order to wait for Director Scheider of the Imperial Research Academy, who restricted access to the Temple of Lightning to those who have direct permission from the Academy since, recently, it has become quite dangerous. During the reunion with Scheider, the group learns about Richter Abend's origins and some of his life as a half-elf. They also learn about Richter's companion, Aster, a human boy who appears identical to Emil Castagnier.