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Sylvana (TotA).png
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Northern Hemisphere
Ruler Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX

Sylvana is a continent of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss. It is one of the two smallest continents, the other being Padamiya, and geographically sits in the northern hemisphere. Sylvana belongs to the Malkuth Empire.


Sylvana is a relatively small continent characterized by its rugged mountain chains and snowy terrain, posing harsh living conditions for its few inhabitants apart from Malkuth's settlements on the landmass. In the western, mountainous portion of the continent, avalanches are frequent, making it difficult for humans to explore, while the eastern side of the landmass offers a more forgiving environment with evergreen trees.


  • Keterburg - The world's largest resort. Located in Malkuth. Famous for its flashy casino, decadent hotel, and beautiful vacation homes.
  • Keterburg Bay - A necessary stopover for those wishing to travel to Keterburg. Ferries make frequent stops here to accommodate the wealthy visitors.

Mt. Roneal

An overview of the dangerous Mt. Roneal.

Part of a mountain range running from the northwest of Sylvana to the southeast. Fierce snowstorms are common in the northwest.

Mt. Roneal (ロニール雪山?) is part of a snowy mountain range on the continent, northwest of Keterburg. People rarely approach the area due to powerful monsters that live within its caves, as well as due to the threat of avalanches caused by too much noise. It is home to a Sephiroth Tree. Prior to the events of the story, in N.D. 1991, Gelda Nebilim failed a planetary arte experiment at Mt. Roneal, resulting in the deaths of many Oracle Knights. Nine years later, Field Marshal McGovern, Sr., battled the culprit of the "serial fonist killings", the replicated Nebilim herself, and sealed her within Mt. Roneal in a classified area known as Nebilim's Crag. At some point, the God-Generals were gravely injured by monsters here while on duty.

The group first travels to Mt. Roneal in order to activate the passage ring located somewhere within the mountain in order to prepare the Outer Lands to descend into the Qliphoth. Near the entrance to the passage ring, the God-Generals Arietta, Largo, and Legretta await the group in order to prevent them from operating the passage ring. They fight, causing an avalanche that swallows the group and Oracle trio. When the group regains consciousness, they find themselves at the entrance of the passage ring, protected by a Daathic Seal, while the God-Generals fell into a nearby ravine.

After unlocking the seal and operating the passage ring, the group discovers that Van Grants has prepared for this moment, as memory particles begin flowing in reverse from the Absorption Gate. They realize that Van had been waiting for them to connect all the Sephiroth, allowing him to take advantage of the power and stimulate the core. In doing so, he could destroy the Tartarus and strengthen the Planet Storm. Because of this, the Outer Lands, apart from the Absorption Gate, become in danger of collapsing.

Nebilim's Crag

The eerie interior of Nebilim's Crag.

A stone wall located in the depths of Mt. Roneal that is covered in a mysterious fonic glyph. Gives off an ominous fonic power.

Nebilim's Crag is an isolated cavern near Mt. Roneal that houses the sealed replica Nebilim. It is partially hidden within the Roneal mountain rage, distinguishable only by a large split in one of the mountains. It is accessible only after the group obtains the "Refined Flightstone" from a puzzle-like portion of Mt. Roneal. Inside, there is a fonic glyph that was used to seal away Nebilim sometime before the events of the story.

In N.D. 1991, an accident occurred when Nebilim, in search of Catalyst Weapons, failed an experiment at Mt. Roneal, which resulted in the deaths of many Oracle Knights. Years later, Jade Curtiss accidentally killed Nebilim in an attempt to use the Seventh Fonon. However, before her death, Jade used fomicry, believing he could save her in doing so. The experiment failed, and a murderous replica Nebilim was born instead. Because of the destructive nature of the replica, Malkuth's forces sealed her away within the crag.

Many years later, the protagonists travel to the crag to uncover the mysteries of the "Planetary Fonic Arte", having obtained all six of the Catalyst Weapons. The God-General Dist appears there, hoping the group will proceed with their curiosity and fulfill his life-long goal in the process. Upon placing the weapons before the fonic glyph, Nebilim is released, gaining the missing elements of Rem and Shadow she required. The group defeats her, and before she is able to recover in the fonic glyph, Jade utilizes a portion of the "Planetary Fonic Arte"'s power to destroy her.