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The Sylvarant Base (シルヴァラントベース?) is a place in Tales of Symphonia. It is located in Sylvarant and is operated by the Renegades.


Lloyd Irving is taken here after being captured in Triet, and he believes his captors to be Desians. Genis Sage, because he is of the same race as the Renegades, is left behind, also because they did not receive any orders to capture him. When Lloyd wakens, he is in a cell, all his equipment confiscated other than the Sorcerer's Ring. He uses the ring to trick the guard into opening the cell, and while he is on the run, he retrieves his equipment. When he comes to a large room, he sees two guards looking for him. After they leave, Lloyd uses the same method they applied to open the door and continues on.

Suddenly, while trying to find a way out, he runs into more guards and escapes into another room. Believing he is safe, Lloyd relaxes just as a blue-haired man appears behind him. The man asks for Lloyds name and threatens him with an electric ball of energy. Lloyd insults him, and the man prepares to shoot the electric ball when he notices Lloyd's Exsphere. The man realizes who Lloyd is and states that he "sees the resemblance". Suddenly, Botta and some other guards arrive and report that the Chosen and her companions are inside the base. The man with the blue hair retreats in fear of being seen by "him", leaving Botta to fight the group. Swearing to Lloyd they will meet again, the mysterious man leaves. Then, Genis, Colette Brunel, Raine Sage, and Kratos Aurion arrive to fight Botta and two guards.

After the battle, Botta is disarmed by Kratos, prompting the Renegades to flee. Later in the story, when the group is saved by the Renegades at the Tower of Salvation, they are forced to summarize their situation before being brought to the blue-haired man again. In an attempt to escape, Sheena Fujibayashi summons Corrine as a distraction while the group makes their way to the hangar and prepares to use the Rheairds there and fly to Sheena's home world, Tethe'alla. They are successful and thus begin their ventures in the parallel world.