Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Height 152 cm
Race Seraph
Weapon Baton
Japanese Voice Actor Hiromi Igarashi
English Voice Actor Christine Marie Cabanos[1]
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Symonne (サイモン Saimon?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Zestiria. Despite being a seraph, she works with the Lord of Calamity to end all life.


Symonne is a seraph who has had a hard life. Misfortune after misfortune befell her until she gave up and decided to go along with the whims of fate. No longer fighting against the struggles of living, she adopted a nihilistic outlook on life. Her powers and desire drew the Lord of Calamity Heldalf to her, and she found herself in his employ. Symonne works wholeheartedly toward the destruction of all to create a world where sorrow does not exist, and this single-minded devotion not only becomes her only source of living, but it also prevents her from accruing malevolence.

In the past, Symonne was also present for the dissolution of the Windriders, particularly the events that started them on the path to becoming the Scattered Bones. She goaded Dezel the entire time and revealed that it was his blessing that infected the Rolance prince with malevolence and thus caused the death of his friend, as well as the end of the Windriders' happiness. Dezel's memory was clouded by rage, and he came to believe that Symonne was at fault for the events. This hatred caused him to search out Symonne to kill her.

Symonne, meanwhile, continued to manipulate events from afar to achieve Heldalf's goals. One of her acts is to manipulate Dezel's rage into causing both him and Rose to fall into malevolence and then turn Rose into a hellion. Although Sorey manages to stop it, Dezel is killed with the effort after previously being grievously wounded. Symonne leaves them with honeyed words. She continues to harass them with her power over illusions, undermining their efforts and planted seeds of doubt.

She makes her last stand in the Mt. Mabinogio Ruins, where she attempts to stop the group with illusions of them in order to sway their hearts and draw them into being hellions. The group powers on through, especially as the malevolence cloaking the area is weakening her. Eventually, she fights them head on but is defeated. Rather than kill her, however, they continue on. Symonne rages at their backs, espousing her nihilistic views, but the group gently rejects her, having found reason in the fight to live. Sorey treats her especially kind, telling her that even one who believes they only bring misfortune can exist as well so long as everyone tries to find a path of coexistence. Sorey's kindness and sympathy breaks Symonne's hardened heart and leaves her wailing in tears as the group continues onward.

Symonne appears once more during Alisha Diphda's story after Heldalf's ultimate defeat. She conjures an illusion of Maltran to attempt to break Alisha, but she uses it as an opportunity to achieve catharsis. Afterward, Alisha thanks Symonne for giving her that opportunity, which surprises her. She then exits without further conflict, meeting up with Lunarre, who had orchestrated these events. She tells him that the promise has been kept but that they would probably never meet again. Symonne then leaves.

Appearance and Personality

Symonne appears a young girl. Her coloration is full of dark colors and hues, referencing her overall dark demeanor and powers over illusions. She has a nihilistic outlook in life, devoting her entire self to the destruction of all life to end all sorrow. Her single-minded devotion prevents malevolence from infecting her, though she is not immune to its oppressive nature.

Fighting Style

Symonne primarily specializes in illusions, using them to attack the hearts of her targets or kill others by proxy. The group speculates that her prowess in illusions comes from a pact that prevents her from killing directly. During battle, she displays the ability to create copies of herself that can act independently. She can attack with her baton for several quick strike artes, but she can use seraphic artes of all elements.