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Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Daath
Age 14
Height 5'5" / 166 cm
Weight 127 lbs / 58 kg
Race Human
Occupation God-General
Weapon Fists
Japanese Voice Actor •Ikue Ootani (game)
•Yumiko Kobayashi (anime)
English Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald[1]
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Sync the Tempest (烈風のシンク Reppuu no Shinku?, "Synch the Gale") is a major antagonist in Tales of the Abyss. He is Chief of Staff and 5th Division Commander within the Oracle Knights, as well as the tactical leader of the six God-Generals.



Sync was born in N.D. 2015 when Van Grants and Grand Maestro Mohs used fomicry to create a series of seven replicas of the original Fon Master Ion in an attempt to replace him, concealing his illness and subsequent death. One replica, also named "Ion", succeeded the original due to his abilities being closest to the original's. The rest of the replicas were disposed of by being thrown alive into the Mt. Zaleho volcano. Two survived, one being Sync, the fifth replica, and the other being Florian, who was later captured by Mohs and kept hidden in case something were to happen to the seventh replica. Realizing Sync's physical power and sympathizing with his situation in life, Van recruited him. Sync became one of Van's subordinates, eventually achieving the rank of God-General. It was at this point that Sync obtained his name and threw away his past on the outside, but retained it inside, fueling his hatred of the Score, which predicted the events of his tragic existence. From this point forward, he wears a mask to conceal his identity, as he looks identical to the original Fon Master.

Role in the Plot

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Sync's first appearance in the story is at St. Binah, where it is revealed that he is the tactical leader of the God-Generals. He later joins Asch, Dist, and Arietta at Choral Castle when Dist opens Luke fon Fabre's fon slots so that Asch can connect with Luke. At this point, it is believed that the God-Generals are going against Van's orders, but it is later discovered that Sync was assigned by Legretta to keep tabs on Asch, whose loyalty Van questioned. Sync appears at Choral Castle hoping to provide Van with information on Luke's fonic signature, but he is stopped by Guy Cecil, who steals the fonic disc with the information.

Later in the story, Sync, Asch, and Largo take Ion to the Zao Ruins to open the door to the Sephiroth Tree there. Sync and Largo fight the group and lose, but threaten to bury them if Luke and the others did not leave immediately with Ion. In Chesedonia, Sync attacks the party again, placing a curse slot on Guy's right arm. Outside Grand Chokmah, Sync uses the curse slot to force Guy to attack Luke, utilizing his memories. An earthquake reveals his presence, and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear then wounds him with an arrow. Sync and Largo retreat, having failed their mission. Sync is given a last chance when Legretta attacks Sheridan in an effort to stop the party from nullifying the planet's core vibration. He sneaks aboard the Tartarus at Port Sheridan and erases the fonic glyph meant to allow the party to escape from the core. There, he battles the group, but loses. The fight causes his mask to fall off in the process, revealing his true identity. When it becomes clear that he is a failed replica of the original Fon Master, he states that his usefulness has finally run its course and falls into the core, supposedly dying. Van later rescues him when he, as well, falls into the core at the Absorption Gate.

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

In Chesedonia, Sync appears again, this time without his mask, not only revealing that he survived the fall into the core, but that he is offering readings of the Score, which is subsequently killing citizens. Knowing that Sync is alive, the group then begins to question Van's death as well. Sync is later seen at the Absorption Gate, along with Van, Legretta, and Largo, each, apart from Van, donning new attire befitting of the New Order of Lorelei. While Largo fends off Luke and the others, Sync prevents Asch from attacking Van with the Key of Lorelei, demanding he hand it over. Sync is lastly seen at Eldrant, fighting the group a final time. He attempts to kill them in a fonic trap, but they are saved due to second-order hyperresonance. Seeing that his trap failed, he attempts to defeat the group by unleashing the full power of a Fon Master. Upon losing to the group, he begins to wear down due to the overexertion of power on a replica body and soon dies, making a final request that Van destroy Lorelei.

Appearance and Personality

Although Sync appears around 14-years-old physically, he is only two chronologically due to his status as a replica. Sync wears a black outfit with green accents and a mask to hide his identity. He also deepens his voice in order to further conceal this identity, knowing that his natural voice would be easily recognizable. He has dark green hair, just as the original Ion and Ion replicas, although Sync's hair is styled much differently to contrast himself from the others. Near the end of the story, Sync dons a new, white outfit that retains the green accents of his previous attire, and he no longer wears a mask, assuming full identity of himself as a result.

As a replica, Sync is given the impression that if he is unable to be a substantial substitute for his original, then he is not worth existing. He not only considers himself a mere replacement, but a "failed" one, which results in him cursing his existence. He often uses the word "trash" to describe himself, having literally been "thrown away" upon birth. Sync chooses to aid Van in his plan to destroy the Score, the root cause of his "empty, pathetic life", and becomes a God-General for this sole purpose. Unlike the replica Ion, Sync views himself as unneeded, empty, and expendable. Also very sadistic, he blames Luke for the destruction of Akzeriuth, calling him "that replica there", and later purposely reveals his face, acting and speaking like Ion in order to irritate the party, as well as mock Ion after Ion's death.

Fighting Style

Sync is the only God-General who does not use weapons in combat. He attacks swiftly with his fists and feet, using martial-style artes, and couples them with high-level fonic artes focused on the Wind element, such as the devastating Thunder Blade, as well as the Earth-elemental Ground Dasher. Much like other enemies, he has the ability to freely use artes that would otherwise require an FOF Change, such as Stone Dragon Ascent, but he is the only character in the game who can cast FOF-altered magic spells, such as Frigid Coffin, without an FOF circle. He possesses a notably high physical and fonic attack power, and he is highly difficult to stun despite the fact that he has no Over Limit. To contrast his high attack and speed, he has low physical and fonic defense. His mystic artes are Harrowing Gale and Akashic Torment.



  • Most of the God-Generals' assumed names derive from musical terms. Sync derives from syncopation, which is a general term for a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm. This is a reference to Sync's status as a replica, which contradicts the Score and throws "order" off balance in the same way that syncopation disrupts an otherwise normal rhythm.
  • In the Abyss Replica Facility, the group finds replicas of Arietta, Largo, Legretta, and Sync created by Dist, who the group suspects trained and sealed the replicas in the facility. The replicas engage the group in battle and are killed.
  • His focus on unarmed combat and his backstory draws similarities to the backstory of the character Kazuya Mishima of the Namco martial arts fighting game series Tekken.


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