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Tabatha Baskerville
Tabatha Baskerville.jpg
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Residences Loegres
Race Human
Occupation Leader of the Bloodwing Butterflies
Japanese Voice Actor Mari Yokoo

Tabatha Baskerville (タバサ・バスカヴィル Tabasa Basukaviru?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She is the boss of the Bloodwing Butterflies (血翅蝶?), a shadow guild that defies the Abbey's authority, having adopted the guild after her husband's death.


Tabatha operates her guild through a tavern in Loegres, using the guild's members to retrieve information, often classified, from around the city and report it back to her. She yields a staunch willpower, to the extent that she is able to withstand the effects of Innominat's domain later in the story. The group approaches her in order to obtain some classified information regarding Artorius Collbrande, but she gives them a set of tasks to complete in exchange for the information, and the group completes each one, ultimately halting the trade of Nectar, an addictive medicine being sold by the Church for profit.

High Priest Gideon, who serves as the ringleader for this particular tirade, is the target of Tabatha's final task, in which she requests that the group kill him. The group makes no hesitation in agreeing to the job, particularly Velvet Crowe, and later returns to Tabatha with the job completed. True to her word, Tabatha informs the group of what she knows and makes another request in exchange for more information: escort a hooded figure and his pet griffin out of the capital. The group obliges and takes the man, later revealed to be Prince Percival Yil Mid Asgard, with them to Titania.