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Tales of Card Evolve
ToCE Logo
Game Systems Mobile Phone
Developers KLab Inc.
Publishers Bandai Namco
Producers Yoshihide Shin
Takashi Odate
Japanese Releases June 3, 2012
End of Service September 30, 2014

Tales of Card Evolve (テイルズ オブ カード エボルブ Teiruzu obu Kado Eborubu?) is a mobile social game for GREE that was first announced during the Tales of Festival 2012. It was launched on June 3rd, 2012. Services for the game ended on September 30, 2014.


Tales of Card Evolve is essentially a card game that features a variety of existing Tales character illustrations. There are hundreds of cards available in the game, and the player can upgrade, or "evolve", these cards through synthesizing. The cards can be upgraded to level 3, and with each upgrade, the card's illustration changes. The setting mirrors those of the original games, beginning with Tales of Phantasia, and skits are used to tell the story. Being a social game, players can ally with friends or choose to battle them.

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