Tales of Crestoria
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Game Systems iOS
Developers Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
and KLab
Publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Character Designers Kousuke Fujishima, Mutsumi Inomata, Miyuki Kobayashi, Daigo Okumura
Japanese Releases July 16, 2020[1]
North American Releases July 16, 2020[2]
European Releases July 16, 2020[2]
Opening Theme "Howling for Honey" by GESU NO KIWAMI OTOME[3]

Tales of Crestoria (テイルズ オブ クレストリア Teiruzu obu Kuresutoria?) is a mobile Tales title. It was announced on September 11, 2018, via its Japanese Twitter account.[4] According to the reports, the theme of the game is "crime" and the story is centered around a young man who carries a great burden and also lives for someone or something that is important to him. Each of the three initially teased characters have a certain "crime" they carry as a burden.[5] Its characteristic genre is An RPG Written in Blood and Betrayal (愛しき咎我人(なかま)と出会うRPG Itoshiki Togabito (Nakama) to Deau RPG?, "Meeting Dear Transgressors (Friends) RPG").[6][7] During the 23rd anniversary stream, December 8, 2018, it was confirmed that the game will get an English release.[8]

An open beta test for the English release was held between May 8 and May 13, 2020, in Canada and Indonesia.[9] After several delays, the game was released worldwide on July 16, 2020, making it the first entry in the series with a simultaneous release for both Japanese and overseas market.[1][2]



In the as of yet unnamed world that Tales of Crestoria is set it, people are required to carry objects known as vision orbs (ビジョンオーブ Bijonoobu?) at their side at all times. The images recorded within vision orbs can be transmitted via vision centrals (ビジョンセントラル Bijonsentoraru?), structures located in place of importance, like plazas and churches. When a person is to be judged, the vision central shows "footage" from orbs related to the crime and according to the "prayers" sent by the citizens watching the images, the individual in question is judged innocent or guilty. In case the person related to the crime is judged guilty, they are branded with a "stain," and an enforcer (執行者 shikkousha?) is dispatched to hunt the criminal down and pass the sentence.[10]

The Stain of Guilt (罪の刻印 Tsumi no Kokuin?, "Carved Seal of Sin") is a mark that appears on body part of those acknowledged as sinners, thus becoming a transgressor (咎我人 togabito?) chased down by enforcers. The positioning of the mark differs depending on the sin itself. The Stain of Blood Sin (ブラッドシンの刻印 Buraddoshin no Kokuin?, "Carved Seal of Blood Sin") is an evolved form of the Stain of Blood Sin, born from the criminal's intent to carry the burden of their sin and overcoming Vicious's selection. The Blood Sin (ブラッドシン Buraddoshin?) is a weapon drawn from the Stain of Blood Sin using magic after a person accepts their sin which is then embedded into their blood.[11]


Kanata Hjuger finds himself pronounced guilty and shunned by society because he "protected someone important to [him]."[10]


Playable Characters

Kanata (tvtropes).png Misella (tvtropes).png Vicious (tvtropes).png Aegis (tvtropes).png Yuna (tvtropes).png Orwin (tvtropes).png
Misella Vicious Aegis

  • Kanata Hjuger (カナタ・ヒューガ Kanata Hyuuga?) - Kanata is a son of a monk whose a village leader. He is fiercely protective of the weak, and very too often blunt for his own good. He is deeply fascinated by the way vision orbs function. His crime is the protection of an important person to him.[10]
  • Misella (ミゼラ Mizera?, "Misera") - Misella is a young orphan raised in the monastery where Kanata's father is in. Despite having strength to never loose herself, she will do absolutely everything in her power if it ensures Kanata's safety. She bears hostility towards Vicious who appears to be leading Kanata toward evil ways.[12] Her crime is an attempt to save a person important to her.[13]
  • Vicious (ヴィシャス Vishasu?) - Despised by the world, Vicious is a frightening being known as "The Great Transgressor" (咎我鬼とがおに Togaoni?, "Self-Sinning Demon") who lives without caring for others' opinions. During his journey in search of a certain place, he stumbles upon Kanata and Misella, who were just branded criminals, and joins them. It appears he holds some special power within him.[12] His crime is hinted to be connected to his birth.[13]
  • Aegis Alver (イージス・アルヴァ Iijisu Aruva?) - An attractive knight who holds no reservations, Aegis is the young captain of the knights of the Kingdom of Medagal. His honesty, innocence, an honor of doing the right thing makes him a bit hard-headed. As someone who completely believes in vision orbs, he stands in Kanata's group's way, whom have just been branded as criminals.[14]
  • Yuna Azetta (ユナ・アゼッタ Yuna Azetta?) - A skilled journalist and an older sister character, Yuna has a bright personality but tends to lie. Though she seems to just be a talkative girl with a peculiar dialect, she's willing to do anything dangerous if it means pursuing the truth. She cooperates with Vicious in running a black market information store.[14]
  • Orwin Granberg (オウレン・グランバーグ Ouren Guranbaagu?) - A frank and tired man, Orwin has lost all motivation and the will to live. Though he has his wife Naya and 10-year-old daughter Aura, he's mostly been living off the money his wife is earning.[14]

Non-Playable Characters

Makina (tvtropes).png Kasque (tvtropes).png
Makina Kasque

  • Makina (マキナ?) - An Administrator of World Order and a commander of the enforcers with the appearance of a 10-year-old girl. Despite her cruelty towards transgressors, she always wears a smile on her face.[15]
  • Kasque (キャスク Kyasuku?) - A mysterious woman who is a part of the Administrators of World Order.[15]

Returning Characters

Tales of Crestoria features an ever-expanding cast of characters from the Tales franchise.


Standard Gameplay

The Home (ホーム Hoomu?) screen acts as the main navigation menu in the game. From it the player can access a Character Room (キャラクタールーム Kyarakutaaruumu?), where the player can customize a character with a plethora of attachments (アタッチメント atatchimento?) that can be equipped on a character's various body parts and the equipped attachments also appear in battles.[15]

There are four types of story content: Main Story (メインストーリー Meinsutoorii?), that tells the unique and profound story of the game, Side Story, that is adjacent to and moves with the Main Story and is filled with characters who lend Kanata and his friends a hand during their travels, Character Episodes (キャラクターエピソード Kyarakutaaepisoodo?), that tell more about characters' life outside the Main Story, and Story Skits (フェイスチャット Feisuchatto?), that are short conversations that occur between jobs that reveal fun conversations and extra information of what the characters are thinking during story.

Memoria Stones (メモリアストーン Memoriasutoon?), strong emotions or memories crystallized into mana, can cause a character to materialize and even join the player's party. If a Memoria Stone is equipped on an existing character, that character's stats increase.[16]

Battle Gameplay

Tales of Crestoria uses a turn-based battle system, a rare occurence in the series. At the bottom right hand corner are four panels layed out in a the shape of the plus (+) character. The right button is a regular attack, the bottom and left buttons are artes, powerful abilities with a turn recast, and top button is for the mystic arte, that can be used once the blue-colored Overlimit gauge beneath the character's portrait is full. Attacks and combos fill the Overlimit Gauge, while Overlimit itself aside of the previously said function increases damage and chance of scoring critical strikes, but also use of more powerful artes, different from mystic artes.[17]

Tales of Crestoria has fifteen unit types: Sword, Longsword, Dagger, Dualblades, Martial Arts, Gun, Longstaff, Spear, Axe, Instrument, Bow, Hammer, Staff, Artes, and Support. In the beta release there were also Knight and Chosen, but were scrapped in the final release. The game has six elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark. They are available for both playable characters and enemies, although the latter can also be Neutral.



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