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Tales of Crestoria: A Manga Written in Blood and Learning!
Character Designers Watarizora Tsubamemaru
Japanese Releases July 17, 2020
North American Releases July 16, 2020

Tales of Crestoria: A Manga Written in Blood and Learning! (愛しき咎我人なかまと学ぶ テイクレまんが!!-TALES OF CRESTORIA-?) is a non-canon chibi online manga that tutorializes the aspects of the game Tales of Crestoria.


  1. It Begins! (はじまるよ! Hajimaru yo!?)
  2. Rules of the World (世界のルール Sekai no ruuru?)
  3. Anything for Kanata (カナタのためなら Kanata no tamenara?)
  4. Blood Sins (ブラッドシンとは?, "What is a Blood Sin")
  5. Life As One Pleases (好きに生きる男?)
  6. Types and Combos (相性と連携?)
  7. Artes and Mystic Artes (術技と秘奥義?)
  8. A Knight in Shining Armor (有能美形騎士?)
  9. How I Choose to Communicate (ウソはコミュニケーション Uso wa komyunikeeshon?)
  10. The Stench of a Loser (ダメ人間?)
  11. Their Own Adventures (それぞれの活躍?)
  12. Challenge Missions (チャレンジミッションに挑戦!?)
  13. Memoria Stones Part 1 (メモリアストーンって?(その1)?, "What is a Memoria Stone? (Part 1)")
  14. Memoria Stones Part 2 (メモリアストーンって?(その2)?, "What is a Memoria Stone? (Part 2)")
  15. Dangerously Adorable (暴力的にかわいい?)
  16. Ugly but Edible (ブサカワ非常食?)
  17. Jaw-Dropping Opposition (立ちはだかる”脅威”の存在?)
  18. To Be Continued! (まだまだ続く!テイクレまんが?)
  19. An Attachment to Style (試されしセンス?)
  20. Forming Parties (パーティ編成について?)
  21. 25 Years of Telling Tales of (25年の歩み?)
  22. A Loser’s Dreams (ダメ人間の思考?)
  23. The Raid Is On (マルチバトル?)
  24. BREAKing the Mold (BREAKゲージ?, "BREAK Gauge")
  25. Raiding & Aiding (頼れる仲間?)
  26. Power-up Quests (強化クエスト?)
  27. Gald Quests (ガルドクエスト Garudokuesuto?)
  28. The Phantom Tower (ファントムタワー Fantomutawaa?, "Phantom Tower")
  29. Cooking Up Boosts (料理?, "Cuisine")
  30. Into the Arena (闘技場の勝負?)
  31. The Turtlez Appear! (かめにん登場!?)
  32. 5 Million Downloads Meatebration! (ニッキュキュー!(祝・500万DL!)?)
  33. Records (戦績?)
  34. Close-knit Twins (仲良し双子?)
  35. ...And That’s Why You Always Link Your Data (引継ぎ設定?)
  36. Happy First! And to Many More! (ビバ☆1周年!?)
  37. Time Box (タイムボックス Taimubokkusu?)
  38. Accessories of the Heart (心のおしゃれ?)
  39. Friend Point Summons (レンドポイント召喚?)
  40. I WILL PROTECT! (ミンナヲマモル! MINNA WO MAMORU!?)
  41. The Cool Dad? (かっこいいお父さん??)
  42. Reliving the Past (旅の軌跡?)
  43. The Shard Exchange (ピース交換所?)
  44. The Medal Exchange (戦貨交換所?)
  45. One Handy Stone (便利なストーン?)
  46. The Importance of Style (オシャレの意義?)
  47. Meating Cute (肉道~愛しきお肉と出会う編~?)
  48. A True Conundrum (難問 Nanmon?)
  49. Worldly and Wise (必定苦労人?)
  50. In a Slump (スランプ Suranpu?, "Slump")
  51. A Love Story (コイバナ Koibana?)
  52. Thanks for All the Good Times (今までありがとう! Ima made arigatou!?)

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