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Tales of Crestoria: The Wake of Sin
Tales of Crestoria The Wake of Sin banner.jpg
Animators Kamikaze Douga
Japanese Releases October 18, 2020
North American Releases October 18, 2020
Ending Theme "Light in You" by Ryudai Abe

Tales of Crestoria: The Wake of Sin (テイルズ オブ クレストリア―咎我ヲ背負いて彼は発つ― Teiruzu obu Kuresutoria -Toga wo Shoite Kare wa Tatsu-?) is a 15-minute short animation based on the events of chapter one of Tales of Crestoria. It released on YouTube and Chrunchyroll at 6:00 a.m. on October 18, 2020.


The animation itself carries several differences from the game. Instead of Gordon being condemned for killing an old lady while stealing from a shop, three men kill a rich couple while looting their house. Their daughter is the only survivor and records the action with her vision orb, which results in the thugs being branded with the Stain of Guilt and quickly dispatched by an enforcer. After Cody's return with orphans in his coach, he gives out a speech promoting the vision orb system of justice, an original scene that was not shown in the game.

That scene immediately cuts to Cody attempting to recruit Kanata. After Misella attempts to threaten Cody with a knife to her neck, he grabs her and quickly rips the brightblaze from her head, enraging Kanata to the point of grabbing the dropped knife and stabbing Cody in the back.

Kanata barges out of the burning shelter to find Misella with brightblaze petals in her hand as she turns her head to him, shedding a tear. The two are separated when Kanata's vision orb transforms into the Stain of Guilt, forcing Kanata to flee into the forest as enforcers chase him. Misella is captured and brought in front of Nash, who is furious with Misella burning the shelter. Unlike in the game, Nash does not mention his sister, Nisha, at all.

Just as Kanata is about to be grabbed by an enforcer, Vicious uses Endless Torment to fire a large hole into the ghost. When the Great Transgressor steps out of the trees' shadows, he directly asks Kanata if he is from the Nation of Sin. The two events where both Kanata and Misella gain their respective Blood Sins temporarily intertwine before they return to the brightblaze field where Kanata gives Misella a new brightblaze.



Character Voice Actor
Kanata Hjuger Kouhei Amasaki
Misella Yui Ishikawa
Vicious Yuuma Uchida
Cody Hjuger Takuya Kirimoto
Nash Yukiko Morishita
Narrator Ai Nonaka
Additional Voices Takahiro Hujimoto
Volcano Ota
Kouhei Fukuhara
Kazumasa Hukagawa
Arisa Tsuruno
Arisa Sekine
Kenya Tomasu
Arisa Kori
Yusuke Shirooka
Koichi Gomi
Chiyaya Terasaki

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