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Tales of Gekijou
Tales of Gekijou Cover
Game Systems PSP
Publishers NAMCO
Producers Sunrise
Japanese Releases Feb 23, 2012
Opening Theme "Party! Love Beat!" by Haruka Kudo, Kanae Ito & Aya Hirano
Ending Theme "Omotteiru Zutto..." by Haruka Kudo, Kanae Ito & Aya Hirano

Tales of Gekijou (ているず おぶ 劇場 Teiruzu obu Gekijou?, "Tales of Theatre") is a series of five short animations produced by Sunrise. The first two episodes are currently released to the public, and the other three episodes were available as part of the pre-order bonus for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, when the game was released on February 23, 2012 in Japan.


Episode 1[]

Episode 1 features Yuri Lowell, Guy Cecil, and Luke fon Fabre. While trying to take a shortcut, the three lose their way in a forest, and Luke begins fussing about being hungry and having nothing more than carrots to eat. In order to catch some wild animals, Yuri makes a trap and ambushes with Guy. By the time they hear a click and go to see what they have got, they find that the trap has been broken. It later turns out that it was Luke who did it and set the trapped rabbit free out of kindness. Though a little disgruntled, Yuri does not blame Luke for it. Then, Luke begin to feed the rabbit all of the carrots they had. Yuri's stomach growls and he sighs.

Episode 2[]

Episode 2 features Asbel Lhant, Cheria Barnes, and Zelos Wilder. Asbel is wandering the streets when he bumps into Cheria, who asks him to carry her packages from a shopping spree, which eventually stack so high up in his arms that he can hardly keep his balance. Then Zelos appears and begins flirting with Cheria, offering to carry her things for her instead. Feeling indignant, Asbel starts quarreling with Zelos, and the packages are all ripped apart as a result. Cheria walks away furiously, leaving them alone.

Episode 3[]

Episode 3 features Guy Cecil, Asbel Lhant, and Leon Magnus. During Asbel's sword competition with Guy, he lets out a sneeze and thus finds himself having a cold due to his trainings under a waterfall the day before. Leon approaches them and criticizes his way of training. Guy suggests that Asbel have a rest, but Asbel insists on continuing. Just as Leon is about to turn away from the two, Asbel sneezes again, the force of which makes his sword slip out of his hand and fly toward Leon, missing him by inches. Outraged, Leon unsheathes his sword and starts chasing a horrified Asbel around. Guy watches them with a forced smile on his face.

Episode 4[]

Episode 4 features Yuri Lowell, Leon Magnus, and Reid Hershel. The three sit in a cafe helping themselves to crepes. By the time Leon finishes his and asks for more, he finds that they are sold out. Yuri claims that he has learned the recipe simply by tasting and suggests they make more on their own. Reid agrees and goes away to get the ingredients. Leon, while pretending indifference, notes down the recipe Yuri tells him carefully. Later, Reid returns with a cow and a hen, and Leon wonders whether they will have enough eggs. Yuri and Reid are astonished at Leon's obsession with desserts.

Episode 5[]

Episode 5 features Reid Hershel, Cheria Barnes, Zelos Wilder, and Luke fon Fabre. Being a veteran hunter, Reid catches several birds with ease for Cheria, who delightedly decides that they will have them for dinner. Feeling jealous, Zelos ventures a try to catch some birds on his own, and a curious Luke follows him. Unfortunately, they both fail and end up jeering at each other. While they are still at it, Reid contentedly eats up the delicious meal Cheria made for him.