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Tales of Luminaria
ToLuminaria Logo.png
Game Systems Android, iOS
Developers Bandai Namco
Character Designers Shun Saeki
Composers Go Shiina
Japanese Releases November 4, 2021
North American Releases November 5, 2021
European Releases November 5, 2021
End of Service July 19, 2022
Opening Theme 「TOMOSHI BEAT」by Frederic (Arrangement) and Koji Mihara (Lyrics and Composer)
Ending Theme 「Regret」by Keina Suda

Tales of Luminaria (テイルズ オブ ルミナリア Teiruzu obu Ruminaria?) is a mobile Original Title in Tales series. It was announced during Gamescom 2021's opening night, on August 25, 2021.[1] The title was trademarked in Japan on October 14, 2020.[2] As opposed to other mobile titles in the series, Tales of Luminaria features a fully original cast with twenty-one main characters, but none of them said to be the protagonist of the game, hence the characteristic genre: "21 Ways of Life Intersecting RPG" (21の生き様が交錯するRPG 21 no Ikizama ga Kousakusuru RPG?). The "tagline" is "I'll fight for my justice… And kill yours if I must." (僕の正義が、君の正義を殺すとしても―― Boku no seigi ga, kimi no seigi wo korosu to shite mo?). The Gamescom reveal is said to be the indication of Bandai Namco's serious approach to global market for the series, as it is planned to have a simultaneous release in Japan and overseas, like Tales of Crestoria. It is also the first mobile title in the series to have English voice acting as opposed to other mobile titles having only Japanese voice-overs when brought overseas.[3]

On May 10, 2022, after update ver. 1.5.2, it was announced that the game would end its service on July 19 2022 by 19:00 PDT due to the developers' claim of inability to "live up to [player's] expectations". However, they also noted that they were considering a "digital archive" for continued experience and reminiscence, and an in-game soundtrack.



  • Jerle Federation (ユール連邦?) - Since olden times, they have lived in harmony with nature and the Primordial Beasts.
    • Leo Fourcade (レオ・フルカード Reo Furukaado?) - A young man who's taken his deceased grandmother's teaching to "live nobly" as his creed. He enters the knight academy along with his friends, Celia and Hugo. To defeat the empire that destroyed his hometown, he joins Blaze to improve his skills alongside his companions.
    • Celia Arvier (セリア・アルヴィエ Seria Aruvie?) - Leo and Hugo's childhood friend. She enters the knight academy with them and joins the ranks of Blaze. A natural caretaker, she always keeps a close eye on her friends, but a certain incident caused her to feel distant from them.
    • Michelle Bouquet (ミシェル・ブーケ Misheru Buuke?) - Raised and trained in medicine by her grandfather, she entered the knight academy after receiving encouragement from a certain individual. She is now a member of Blaze. While her supportive healing artes give her a gentle impression, she's equally capable of inspiring her allies in desperate situations.
    • Lisette Regnier (リゼット・レニエ Risetto Renie?) - In charge of Aedis Knight Academy's special elite class, Blaze. When it comes to training the students, there's no one stricter than her. Her martial skills are top class and, although she's got the experience to back it up, she stays off the front lines for some reason.
    • Lucien Dufaure (リュシアン・デュフォール Rushian Dyufooru?) (Voiced by Yuto Uemura and Micah Solusod) - The head of Blaze who possesses superior combat and leadership skills. He has a gentle and calm demeanor which, paired with a wisdom beyond his years, has brought him success in executing a wide range of tactics. He's occasionally been seen clutching his chest as if in pain.
    • Maxime Hasselmans (マクシム・アセルマン Makushimu Aseruman?) - "On the pride of the Hasselmans" is this young scion's favorite phrase. He insists that Lucien is his rival, but he is the only one who thinks that. Sometimes stuck-up and sometimes cowardly, he's often the butt of his underclassmen's teasing. But when the chips are down, he's got what it takes to do what must be done.
    • Vanessa Morax (ヴァネッサ・モラクス Vanessa Morakusu?) (Voiced by Anna Yamaki and Jamie Marchi) - A member of Blaze whose strength is second only to Lucien's. She struggles with decision-making and relies on others to make those decisions for her. Although she has a serious and formal demeanor, she is thrown into a panic when caught off guard.
    • Yelsy Tw'elteu Huainaz'jin (イェルシィ・トゥエルチュ・ハイナジン Ierushi?) - The princess of Amr Qhaghan. Lives together with Toto, a creature only she can see. Laid back in both her speech and attitude, Yelsy has the kind of cheerful personality that can make anyone feel like an equal.
  • Gildllan Empire (ジルドラ帝国?) - A technologically advanced nation whose growth is fueled by artificial extraction of mana from Primordial Beasts.
    • August Wallenstein (アウグスト・ヴァレンシュタイン Augusuto Varenshutain?) - Once a humble apple farmer, his life changed drastically when he lost his hometown and his beloved wife and daughter. Swearing vengeance against Colonel Clay, he joined the imperial army, where his rare talents eventually elevated him to the rank of chancellor.
    • Alexandra von Sonne (アレクサンドラ・フォン・ゾンネ Arekusandora Fon Zonne?) - The White Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. A firm adherent to her own sense of justice, she continues forward with August and Laplace, despite their clashing beliefs. She's also a big eater, potentially capable of eating the residents of the imperial capital out of house and home.
    • Bastien Forge (バスチアン・フォルジュ Basuchian Foruji?) (Voiced by Ryota Takeuchi and Christopher R. Sabat) - The Black Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. He boasts overwhelming strength, even for a soldier of the imperial army. A man lacking in emotions, he usually thinks only of the mission, but sometimes baffles others with his peculiar comments.
    • Laplace (ラプラス Rapurasu?) - The Red Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August, who was the one who granted him his power in the first place. Although she is favored by the emperor, there are many within the empire who distrust her. Even so, her charm and beauty have placed untold numbers of imperial soldiers under her spell.
    • Gaspard Herbet (ガスパル・エルベ Gasuparu Erube?) (Voiced by Daiki Hamano and Daman Mills) - An enigmatic figure who travels between the federation and the empire, taking orders from both sides. Because of his frivolous, flirtatious ways, he is often looked down upon by others, but those who understand his skills are highly wary of him.
    • Hugo Simon (ユーゴ・シモン Yuugo Shimon?) - Friends with Leo and Celia since childhood. During his activities as a member of Blaze, he became increasingly distrustful of the federation until a meeting with August lured him over to the imperial side
    • Amelie Laurence (アメリー・ロランス Amerii Roransu?) - A girl who acts like an innocent child in an adult's appearance. She enlisted in order to procure a stable income to send back to the children's home where she grew up. With her uncanny luck, everything she attempts somehow manages to turn out well.
    • Falk (ファルク Faruku?) - Recruited by August for the imperial army. A very self-centered individual, he puts all of his efforts into attaining glory through military exploits. After running away from the children's home where he lived with Amelie, he survived solely off his skills as a mercenary.
  • Adventurers (冒険者?) - Members of neither military, they investigate the mystery of the Primordial Beasts on their own.
    • Edouard Rouquier (エドワール・ルキエ Edouuru Rukie?) - A young wanderer traveling the world after a government takeover forced him to leave the Miasui Icedom. The experience has given him an aura of apathy, but his innate good nature has not changed and, despite his complaining, he tends to put great effort into helping others.
    • Lydie Delacroix (リディ・ドラクロワ Ridi Derakuroa?) (Voiced by Maaya Uchida and Cherami Leigh) - A young genius, she was working hard at research and absorbing knowledge while in the mansion where she was under de facto house arrest. The books she read in her spare time gave her concerns about the world, resulting in her setting out on a journey to prove her hypothesis.
    • Ana-Maria Marschner (アナマリア・マルシュナー Anamaria Marushunaa?) - The daughter of the second emperor of the Gildllan Empire. A sheltered child since birth, she grew up without any knowledge of the outside world and lacks even basic facts. Through her travels with the party, she gradually learns about the world and its hidden truths.
    • Charles (シャルル Sharuru?) - A loyal supporter of Ana-Maria who always puts her first and acts accordingly. He, however, has a sharp tongue and treats everyone other than his lady like the scum of the earth.
    • Raoul (ラウル Rauru?) (Voiced by Subaru Kimura and Brandon Potter) - A self-described archaeologist who claims that his job is to investigate and study ruins. He, in fact, has a profound knowledge of the subject, but those around him have deep suspicions nonetheless. He is at that delicate age where he stubbornly rejects any suggestion that he is old.


Battle Gameplay

The player can take three characters into battle and control one of them by touching and flicking the screen placed in vertical setting.[3]

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