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Tales of Mobile: Tales of Breaker
Tales of Breaker logo
Game Systems Mobile Phone
Publishers NAMCO (Later BANDAI NAMCO)
Character Designers Mutsumi Inomata
Japanese Releases January 31st, 2004 (i-appli)

December 13th, 2005 (EZapp(BREW))

Tales of Mobile: Tales of Breaker (テイルズ オブ モバイル テイルズ オブ ブレイカー Teiruzu obu Mobairu: Teiruzu obu Bureikaa?) is the first role-playing game in the Tales of Mobile series. The story follows the adventures of a young girl named Mika, who must travel the world in order to stop a rising evil from engulfing the land. She is joined by her companions: Yuteki, Evelyn, Sauber, RuRu, and Berger. The game introduces the 2-on-2 Linear Motion Battle System.


Mika Portrait (ToM-ToB) Yuteki Portrait (ToM-ToB) Evelyn Portrait (ToM-ToB) Sauber Portrait (ToM-ToB) RuRu Portrait (ToM-ToB) Berger Portrait (ToM-ToB)
Mika Yuteki Evelyn Sauber RuRu Berger


ToM-ToB Title Screen.gif
Title Screen 
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ToM-ToB World Map.gif
World Map 
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  • A manga was serialized at "Monthly G Fantasy" (Square Enix). Illustrated by Kazuko Kanaya.

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