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Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons
Tales of Commons logo
Game Systems Mobile Phone
Character Designers Yuu Shiina
Japanese Releases November 11, 2005
Opening Theme "Kiseki" by Kana Uemura

Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons (テイルズ オブ モバイル テイルズ オブ コモンズ Teiruzu obu Mobairu: Teiruzu obu Komonzu?) is the second role-playing game in the Tales of Mobile series. The game stars the pair, Alvin and Sefina, and uses the 2-on-2 Linear Motion Battle System introduced in Tales of Breaker. The game's characteristic genre translates to "RPG to Walk Alongside a Changing World and Trusting Thoughts" (変わりゆく世界 信じる想い 共に歩んでゆくRPG Kawari yuku sekai shinjiru omoi tomo ni ayunde yuku RPG?).


Alvin Portrait (ToM-ToC) Sefina Portrait (ToM-ToC) Seiun Portrait (ToM-ToC) You Portrait (ToM-ToC)
Alvin Sefina Seiun You


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