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Tales of Phantasia: The Animation
ToP-TA Cover.jpg
Publishers Geneon Entertainment
•Geneon Entertainment
Character Designers Kousuke Fujishima
•Noriyuki Matsutake
Composers Kimio Nomura
Animators Actas
Japanese Releases EP1 November 25, 2004
EP2 February 25, 2005
EP3 May 25, 2005
EP4 February 24, 2006
Fan Disc August 24, 2007
Blu-ray Disc Box
 September 26, 2008
North American Releases January 2007
Opening Theme "Yume no Hate"
 by Masami Suzuki
Ending Theme "Priere" by Masami Suzuki

Tales of Phantasia: The Animation (テイルズ オブ ファンタジア THE ANIMATION Teiruzu obu Fantajia THE ANIMATION?) is a four-part anime series based around the events that take place in Tales of Phantasia. Published by Geneon Entertainment, the episodes were released on DVD in Japan one at a time within the space of two years. They were later translated by Geneon Entertainment USA and released as a single disc known as The Heroes of Space and Time.


Episode One

The first episode opens in the mausoleum where Mars Uldole and his army of knights are attempting to harness the power of two stolen pendants and awaken the Evil King Dhaos. Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Chester Burklight and Trinicus D. Morrison are trying to stop them however but find themselves overpowered. Mars rushes up to Dhaos's tomb and uses the pendants to free him from a mysterious seal. The Evil King awakens slowly and kills Mars, then starts attacking everybody else. Trinicus, now wounded, uses his last bit of magic to create a rift in time through which he can send Cress, Chester and Mint. Chester would rather stay and fight Dhaos though and so he gets left behind whilst Cress and Mint are sent into the rift.

The plot then skips ahead to the Valhalla War. Cress is now a foot soldier who attacks monsters on the plains with his sword. He has two new companions named Arche Klein and Claus F. Lester whom defend Midgards from atop the castle wall. Mint is usually with them but today she is asked for a meeting with the king where she can tell the higher-ups about mana and how it is impossible to kill Dhaos without it. However, the scientists lead by Reisen already know about mana it seems and have prepared a special weapon that will harness its energy. The MysTek Cannon can fire huge blasts of energy in return for a lot of mana. Reisen uses it for the first time and wipes an entire squadron of monsters out of the sky. Cress is at first amazed by its tremendous strength, but both Arche and Claus seem scared of it and its ability to eat up huge chunks of the world's mana. Reisen does not realize what he is doing however and so he attempts to fire the cannon again. Unfortunately for him, the whole process does not run as smoothly as it did before and the whole cannon explodes. The episode ends with Mint looking up at the sky and seeing the image of a Yggdrasill in her head. A woman's voice calls out to her, asking for help and telling her not to hurt the tree.

Episode Two

The war has ended following the destruction of the MysTek Cannon and Dhaos has disappeared into the future. Unfortunately, the cannon's explosion has destroyed a huge chunk of the city of Midgard and quite a number of people have lost their homes. As Reisen looks upon the wreckage, he is spotted by Cress and his group, who manage to get him to reveal why he built the MysTek cannon. It seems that a few years ago he was an outcast, hated by society for being a half-elf. Because of this, he strove to reach a high place in the government whom people would look up to. However, the means by which he was to go about doing this were frowned upon by a mysterious stranger named Dhaos. Not yet the Evil King who attacks the city of Midgard relentlessly, the man simply told him that what he was doing was wrong. He predicted that the MysTek Cannon would doom him and the people of the city because of its reliance on mana. Reisen did not listen though, and set about working on his weapon. Now of course, Dhaos's prediction has proven true and Reisen wishes only to atone for his sins. Claus smiles and offers to give him a second chance so long as he can find a way for the group to return to the present. Reisen agrees to his terms and the two of them search through relics brought back from Thor for something that might help.

In the meantime, the rest of the group head overseas to the Forest of Spirits where Mint must find the giant tree she saw in her vision. The journey proves to be a long one, but they do eventually find the tree in the middle of a great glade. However, it seems as though it is dying. Mint tries to save it with her healing powers but she does not have enough strength and so the tree tries to kill her. Cress and Arche make attempts at saving her but they find themselves cut off from her by an invisible barrier. At the very last minute, Dhaos appears before the group and walks up to the tree, placing his hand on it. To everyone's surprise, he is actually trying to help them by giving some of his own life to the tree, regenerating it and saving Mint in the process. Their job done, the group returns to Midgard where Claus and Reisen have finished their time-space transfer gate. Now, Cress and Mint can finally return to their own time and save Chester. They head into the machine and arrive at the catacombs where Dhaos is facing off against Chester.

Episode Three

Cress, Mint, Claus, and Arche fight relentlessly against Dhaos in the hopes of finally defeating him and saving Chester. Unfortunately, his defenses prove too strong for them and he is able to block all of their attacks with relative ease. The heroes keep on fighting though, and Cress pounds away at the Evil King's protective barrier while Claus and Arche give him a helping hand using magic. Eventually, Dhaos tires of the combat, summoning up a time hole and jumping forward into the future. Cress sighs, having wanted to finish him off once and for all, as revenge for all that happened in Midgard. Morrison approaches him along with the injured Chester and offers the party a chance to heal up at his house. Everyone agrees that this would be wise.

While they rest, Cress and his group discuss what they are going to do about Dhaos. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know because they have no way of calculating what year he skipped ahead to. That is at least until a man named Lundgrom appears just outside the house, claiming to be from 50 years in the future, a time period in which Dhaos's evil threatens all of Aselia. Apparently, Cress and the "Heroes of Eternity" are the world's last hope and he wants them to go with him to save the world. The group discuss it for a bit before agreeing to follow him. As they are about to leave, Chester appears at the door, telling everyone that he would like to go too.

After arriving to the "future" the group heads to Heimdall to form the pact with Origin. Before they get to the village the elf sentries demand that no half-elves may enter the village so Arche temporarily leaves. As Cress, Mint, and Claus talk to the village chief, Chester, not being a political person, decides to be with Arche until they would meet Origin. As the group were waiting a fire starts, caused by rouge ninja, under Dhaos's command to prevent the group from forming the pact but as Cress and the other are about to fight, Suzu Fujibayashi stops the fires and defeats some of the ninja while the leader escapes. After Suzu leaves Origin comes forth and forms the pact with Claus.

Episode Four

The episode starts at the Alvanista Kingdom were Lundgrom reports to his superiors of the heroes status and they plan to attack Dhaos directly and confront within his own castle. All they could do was wait and hope the heroes are successful for an army of monsters lead by a dragon waiting and watching the kingdom. Three patrons in an bar are discussing the dilemmas of the war, Cress and Mint overhear them and Cress leaves.



Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Cress Albane Takeshi Kusao Johnny Yong Bosch
Mint Adenade Junko Iwao Mia Bradly
Chester Burklight Kentaro Itou David Vincent
Claus F. Lester Kazuhiko Inoue Jack Bauer
Arche Klein Mika Kanai Jennifer Sekiguchi
Suzu Fujibayashi Taeko Kawata Tina Louise
Mars Uldole Tessho Genda Michael McConnohie
Reisen Bin Shimada Kim Strauss (Episode 1)
Mike McFarland (Episode 2)
Martel Rie Tanaka Michelle Ruff
Dhaos Toshiyuki Morikawa Patrick Seitz
Trinicus D. Morrison
Unsho Ishizuka Taylor Henry
Meryl Adenade Maria Kwamura Tara Platt
Lundgrom Daisuke Hirakawa Lex Lang
Brambert Milene Kouji Tsujiya Kim Strauss
Dozo Fujibayashi Yoshio Katou George C. Cole
Origin Naoya Sekine Steve Cannon
Sylph Ikuko Kida
Yumiko Nakajima
Asuka Hotta
Michelle Ruff
Tara Platt
King of Alvanista Tetsuo Kaneo Kirk Thornton
General A Masami Iwasaki uncredited
General B Dai Matsumoto uncredited
High Priest Katsuhisa Houki Kirk Thornton
Strategist Ken'ichi Morozumi uncredited
Head Knight Akio Katou Henry Joseph
Minister Ryuuji Mizuno uncredited
Girl Mamiko Noto uncredited
Elf Tatsuo Suzuki Joseph Henry
Kirk Thornton
Steve Cannon
Elf's Guards Kenji Yoshikawa
Iori Hayashi
Additional Voices Keni Yoshikawa
Eisuke Mizugami
Naoki Yata
Iori Hayashi
Shunsuke Takagi
Tatsuo Suzuki


Position Name
Directors Takuo Tominaga (Episodes 1-3)
Shinjiro Mogi (Episode 4)
Scenario Ryuunosuke Kingetsu
Music Kimio Nomura
Original Character Design Kousuke Fujishima
Character Design
Animation Director
Noriyuki Matsutake

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