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Tales of Tactics
Tales of Tactics logo
Game Systems Mobile Phone
Publishers Namco
Character Designers Mutsumi Inomata
Kousuke Fujishima
Kazuto Nakazawa
Japanese Releases •February 16, 2004
•January 18, 2007
(EZapp [BREW])
•November 9, 2005
(Tales of Tactics Gaiden)
Opening Theme "Kiseki" by Kana Uemura

Tales of Tactics (テイルズ オブ タクティクス Teiruzu obu Takutikusu?) is a turn-based strategy game with a system resembling the one in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3. The game sees players recruiting different characters from other Tales games and using their skills to battle monsters across numerous boards. It also features quite a bit of downloadable content in addition to the main game, such as a picture gallery, a movie gallery, and some wallpapers. The game's characteristic genre is "Simulation RPG" (シミュレーションRPG Shimyureeshon RPG?).


The heroes find themselves in a world unknown to them, and there, they meet a strange fairy named Rukku, who guides them around this strange world. The heroes work together in order to stop the relentless Black Army that has been threatening the world. For their plans to work, the heroes search and recruit more people, Tales series characters, for their cause. The question of whether or not these heroes will be able to return to their original worlds lingers over them while they search for a motive behind the Black Army's actions. In this new world where everything has been set, a new adventure unfolds as the all-girl Cardinals Scenes fight against the Black Army to protect that which they hold dear.


  • Lantana (ランタナ?) - The leader of the beautiful warriors of heaven's arm, the Cardinal Scenes.
  • Harusha (ハルシャ?) - A member of the Cardinal Scenes with a manly demeanor.
  • Salvia (サルビア Sarubia?) - A member of the Cardinal Scenes who has feelings for Aster and becomes overly infatuated when around her, though she is also a person of strong will.
  • Tapian (タピアン?) - A member of the Cardinal Scenes who seems to be more of the leader than Lantana. She is always quiet and rational, possessing a "big sister" personality.
  • Kazania (カザニア?) - The youngest member of the Cardinal Scenes. Everyone treats her like their little sister, and she is a bit of a noisy and hyperactive girl.
  • Uranos (ウラノス?) - At first glance, he seems to be with the Black Army, but he would side with anybody. He usually works alone and has information on most of the things going on around the world. His personality is cool and composed.
  • Plax (プラクス Purakusu?) - A neutral, strict man in his thirties.
  • Dunas (ドゥーナス Duunas?) - The one who raised Sol and Ignus. She has a cheerful and sister-like personality.
  • Sol (ソル Soru?) - A subordinate of Dunas and Ignus's only living relative. The two siblings are always together, but they also fight. The two may be mischievous, but they tend to make everyone laugh.
  • Ignus (イグニス Igunisu?) - A subordinate of Dunas, and Sol's only living relative. The two siblings are always together, but they also fight. The two may be mischievous, but they tend to make everyone laugh.
  • Iseberk (イセベルク Iseberuku?) - The boss of the Echidona group. She is tall, slim, and seems to know Uranos.
  • Aster (アステル Asuteru?) - A tall, composed woman who is usually quiet on the outside but hot-blooded inside.
  • Rukku (ルック?) - A strange, fairy-like creature who meets with the heroes in a world known as Bifrost. She is being targeted by the Black Army and the Echidona group, but the heroes are always there to protect her.


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