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Tales of VS.
ToVS Logo
Game Systems PlayStation Portable
Developers Namco Tales Studio
Matrix Software
Publishers Bandai Namco Games
Animators Production I.G
Japanese Releases August 6, 2009
Opening Theme "Be your wings" by Girl Next Door
Ratings CERO: A (all ages)

Tales of VS. (テイルズ オブ バーサス Teiruzu obu Baasasu?), pronounced Tales of Versus, is an Escort Title in the Tales series exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, released on August 6, 2009 in Japan. It is a fighting game that features various characters from previous Tales games. Namco Bandai had originally filed a trademark for Tales of VS. in America, increasing the chances of a North American release. Tales of VS. features brand new animation scenes from Production I.G, illustrations for all characters, and cut-in portraits.



Dailantia (TotH-TB)

A map of Dailantia from the game.

Tales of VS. takes place in a world called Dailantia, where the main source of energy is mana produced by the World Tree. The people of Dailantia live in a mana-rich world, using it for the advancement of their civilization. Eventually, the people exhausted the World Tree to a stage where the tree is only able to bear fruit, called the Great Seed, once every three years. Four kingdoms began to fight over the Great Seed, causing war to become rampant throughout Dailantia. These kingdoms eventually agreed to a diplomatic solution called the World Tree Agreement to end the warring. This solution involved a tournament being held to decide the rightful owner of each Great Harvest without waging war. This tournament, known as the Yggdrasill Battle, involves independent people who fight to gain control of the Great Seed for him or herself and royalties who fight to prove themselves as warriors. Those known as Cigruses are the strongest warriors of each kingdom. The winner of the Yggdrasill Battle gain the rightful control of the Great Seed.


ToVS Kingdoms Emblem

An emblem representing the four kingdoms.

  • Heidr - The holy kingdom. Heidr is the oldest and most traditional kingdom in Dailantia. The kingdom treasures the World Tree the most, holding it in the highest respect. The people of Heidr are courteous and respectable; however, they are also somewhat emotionless.
  • Hraesvelgr - The kingdom of knights. Hraesvelgr is ruled by a knight who is a hero to his or her people. The kingdom has the most powerful and organized army, which consists of two legions of mighty knights who are well-trained and have a high level of morale. The kingdom has developed a secret weapon known as the Swordian, but its capabilities are unknown. Scientists from Hraesvelgr have also been developing a new source of energy known as Lens, which they hope will be able to replace mana as their main energy source.
  • Dainn - The alliance of free cities. Dainn is a union consisting of independent cities in the frontier area. The kingdom is a mixture of different tribes and cultures, some of which are barbarian tribes, while others are highly civilized. The kingdom is the most undeveloped, in terms of technology, of the four kingdoms. Its army consists of young warriors who are able to adapt easily.
  • Niddhog - The new kingdom. The kingdom of Niddhog is the newest kingdom in Dailantia. The kingdom is well-known for its rapid progress in obtaining imperial power. Due to a lack of mana in the kingdom, the people utilize machines to substitute mana as the main source of energy. The kingdom has also fully developed a new technology known as fomicry, which may be able to replicate mana.


The game features a total of 35 characters from 13 different games. The list below contains all the characters in the Yggdrasill Mode of the game. The characters are sorted as they appear within the game's character selection screen, regardless of each of their games' release dates in Japan or elsewhere. More characters, such as Mary Argent, are included within the Tales of Wall Breaker minigame mode, providing an alternative for character appearances despite not being in the main game.


ToVS PSP (NTSC-J) game cover

The cover design for the game.

Character Game
Cress Albane Tales of Phantasia
Mint Adenade Tales of Phantasia
Chester Burklight Tales of Phantasia
Arche Klein Tales of Phantasia
Dhaos Tales of Phantasia
Stahn Aileron Tales of Destiny
Leon Magnus Tales of Destiny
Philia Felice Tales of Destiny
Bruiser Khang Tales of Destiny
Farah Oersted Tales of Eternia
Kyle Dunamis Tales of Destiny 2
Nanaly Fletcher Tales of Destiny 2
Harold Berselius Tales of Destiny 2
Barbatos Goetia Tales of Destiny 2
Lloyd Irving Tales of Symphonia
Colette Brunel Tales of Symphonia
Kratos Aurion Tales of Symphonia
Presea Combatir Tales of Symphonia
Eugene Gallardo Tales of Rebirth
Mao Tales of Rebirth
Senel Coolidge Tales of Legendia
Luke fon Fabre Tales of the Abyss
Tear Grants Tales of the Abyss
Jade Curtiss Tales of the Abyss
Anise Tatlin Tales of the Abyss
Asch Tales of the Abyss
Caius Qualls Tales of the Tempest
Ruca Milda Tales of Innocence
Illia Animi Tales of Innocence
Richter Abend Tales of Symphonia:
Dawn of the New World
Yuri Lowell Tales of Vesperia
Rita Mordio Tales of Vesperia
Judith Tales of Vesperia
Kor Meteor Tales of Hearts
Kohaku Hearts Tales of Hearts


Battle System[]

Tales of VS. utilizes a Linear Motion Battle System, or LMBS, which is used in previous games of the series. Characters are able to carry out normal attacks and use intricate actions such as double jumping onto different platforms throughout the battlefield. During battles, characters can pick up three types of items that appear randomly on the field. The three types are healing items used to restore HP and TP, food items to give the party status buffs, and attack items such as the Eternal Sword to attack enemies or inflict status ailments. Battles can feature up to a total of four characters at a time.


ToVS World Tree

Official artwork of Dailantia's World Tree.

Customization Menu[]

Characters are able to gain experience by collecting Grade Points from winning battles and use these Grade Points to upgrade characters' statistics and buy new artes to learn. Equipped skills to raise characters' statistics in battle can also be purchased. Like previous games in the series, characters are also able to customize their weapons and equip titles.

Game Modes[]

Multiple gameplay modes are present in the game, as well as multiple minigames. The game also features its own unique story mode.

  • Yggdrasill Mode - This is the story mode of the game. It features an original story that differs from previous Tales games. Each character possesses his or her own unique story, which is different from the ones in their original games.
The following are story modes available at the beginning of the game:
The following are story modes available after completing certain story modes:
The following story is unlocked after completing all story modes:
  • Survival Battle - All characters in battle fight until all but one character's health depletes to zero. That character is proclaimed the victor.
  • Multiplayer Mode - This allows players to battle up to four friends with via Ad Hoc.
  • Tales of Wall Breaker - One of the minigames. It utilizes 2D sprites instead of 3D models, and it is unlocked by completing at least one story in Yggdrasill Mode.

Version History[]

Game Title System Catalog Number Release Date Region
Tales of VS.
テイルズ オブ バーサス
PlayStation Portable UCAS-40270
August 6, 2009
August 6, 2009



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