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Tales of VS. for Mobile
Game Systems •NTT DoCoMo Mobile
•KDDI Mobile
•SoftBank Mobile
Japanese Releases August 8, 2009

Tales of VS. for Mobile (テイルズ オブ バーサス for MOBILE Teiruzu obu Baasasu for Mobile?) is a game in the Tales of Mobile subseries of games released for the NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and SoftBank Mobile cellphone carriers. The game was released on the same day that Tales of VS. was released on the PlayStation Portable.


Standard Gameplay[]

The game is a supplement to the PlayStation Portable game, calling for the use of a log-in ID and password to send and receive data between both games, providing bonus items and other extras. Character creation and customization is possible, providing options to change guilds, jobs, titles, and accessories.

Battle Gameplay[]

A new system known as "Command Battle" was implemented during battle phases, providing four buttons dedicated to the functions of Attack, Defense, Artes, and Counters. Battles follow a turn-based system that allows up to 10 turns per battle.

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