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Tales of Xillia
ToX Logo
Game Systems PlayStation 3
Developers Namco Tales Studio
Publishers Bandai Namco Games
Character Designers Mutsumi Inomata
Kousuke Fujishima
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
Animators Ufotable
Japanese Releases September 8, 2011
North American Releases August 6, 2013
European Releases August 9, 2013
Opening Theme "Progress" by Ayumi Hamasaki
Ratings JP CERO: B (recommended 12+)
NA ESRB: T (Teen, recommended 13+)

Tales of Xillia (テイルズ オブ エクシリア Teiruzu obu Ekushiria?) is the thirteenth Mothership Title in the Tales series. It was released in Japan on September 8, 2011, and its characteristic genre name is "RPG of Unwavering Convictions" (揺るぎなき信念のRPG Yuruginaki Shinnen no RPG?). On March 28, 2012, Bandai Namco Games trademarked Tales of Xillia in the United States and Europe. The game was released on August 6, 2013 and in Europe on August 9, 2013. A sequel to the game, titled Tales of Xillia 2, was announced at Tales of Festival 2012, set one year after the original story.



The game is set in Rieze Maxia, a world where humans and monsters coexist with spirits. The spirits support human civilization by granting wishes, such as the ability to channel mana as spirit power, and in turn are protected by those wishes. The most powerful of these spirits is a being called Maxwell, though its true nature is unknown. In Rieze Maxia, there are two main countries vying for supremacy. Rashugal is an empire with a long history whose free use of spirit power has granted it incredible majesty and prosperity. Auj Oule is a developing country whose power is derived from the control of monsters and the might of its military.


The game begins with the choice of following either Jude Mathis or Milla Maxwell. The choice affects certain scenes with some characters, as well as the environments the player will encounter.

The Lance of Kresnik and the Four Great Spirits[]

Jude Mathis is an aspiring medical student at Rashugal's capital, Fennmont. His supervisor, Professor Haus, is awarded a prestigious honor at Laforte Research Center and leaves Jude in charge for the day. When his professor does not return, Jude decides to check on him but is denied entrance to Laforte. He then meets Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman claiming to be the Lord of Spirits, who is investigating the recent deaths of a number of spirits. She is trying to break into the center for unknown reasons, and Jude decides to follow. Inside, the two encounter lines of capsules filled with people, including Haus. These machines, referred to by Milla as a type of spyrix, drain the mana out of their contents. Haus is able to warn Jude of a trap, but dies shortly afterward from mana depletion. Suddenly, Jude is attacked by a woman known as the "Lady in Red". After defeating the woman, Jude decides to accompany Milla deeper into the facility until she finishes her business there.

At the heart of the facility, the duo discovers a military weapon of mass destruction known as the Lance of Kresnik, a gigantic, mechanical cannon utilizing spyrix technology and powered from the mana drained from the capsules across the research center and surrounding spirits. While scavenging for intruders, the Lady in Red appears once more to kill Jude and Milla. She threatens them, so they ready themselves for another attack. However, the Lance is suddenly activated by the girl. Milla summons the Four Great Spirits, Efreet, Gnome, Sylph, and Undine, to aid her. However, the Lance absorbs their mana energy, as well as captures the four spirits. Milla is able to steal the activation disc for the Lance, but she and Jude are thrown off a bridge inside of the room and wash up outside.

Milla awakens with Jude and discovers she cannot summon the four spirits. She decides to return to Nia Khera, her hometown, to properly perform the ritual needed to summon them again. Jude helps her reach the seahaven so that she can be on her way. There, the Rashugal military confronts the two. After assistance from a mysterious man, they successfully board a ship to the Aladhi Seahaven. On the ship, the man introduces himself as Alvin, a mercenary looking for work. He then reveals that he expects payment for the incident at the port. Both Jude and Milla are suspicious of his intentions, yet he seems reasonable enough for his asking price. Milla offers to repay him with manual labor, then hires him to accompany her and Jude to Nia Khera. Along the way, Milla finds human society both fascinating and unusual, while Jude is slowly brought out of his shell.

In the town of Hamil, the group meets Elize Lutus, a young, ostracized girl; her guardian, Jiao; and her talking "toy", Teepo. Jude worries about her strange demeanor, but they are eventually hurried off by the mayor. While traveling through the Kijara Seafalls, Milla is briefly captured by a mysterious woman who believes that Milla is carrying something really important and who seems to know Alvin from somewhere. After defeating a large monster that Jude and Alvin used to knock the woman away and free Milla, the group makes it to Nia Khera. Everyone there is pleased that Milla has made it back safely. In return, she shows much affection, as well as mild confusion, to the villagers. At her shrine, the trio meets Ivar, Milla's handmaid. After an unsuccessful attempt to summon the Four Great Spirits, Milla determines that they must be trapped inside the Lance of Kresnik and only its destruction will release them. As the group is leaving the village, they are shown being watched by Jiao, the woman from earlier, whose name is revealed to be Presa, and two other men, who discuss what to do concerning Maxwell and the device needed to activate the Lance of Kresnik.

Rebellion in Rashugal[]

The group decides to attempt to sneak into Rashugal. Arriving back in Hamil, Elize is being exiled by the villagers, and Jiao is gone. Jude decides to take her along and vows to find a family for the girl. The group travels to Sapstrath Seahaven and begins making their way to Rashugal. Elize joins the battle party, using her impressive healing spirit artes. After taking a detour through the Sapstrath Deepwood, they encounter and defeat Jiao. Jiao sees how much happier Elize is and decides to leave her with Jude.

Back on the Sapstrath Highroad (サマンガン街道?), the group enters Sharilton, a commercial town in Rashugal. In Sharilton, the group meets Lord Cline K. Sharil; his sister, Driselle K. Sharil; and their butler, Rowen J. Ilbert. Cline has grown weary of the soldiers in his town, as well as the war mongering activities of Nachtigal I. Fenn, the king of Rashugal. He informs the group of people being taken to Bermia Gorge and never returning. Cline decides to investigate himself but is captured. The group pursues him with Rowen in tow. At the gorge, the group discovers more capsules, as well as their purpose, which is to extract the mana from a person. The group defeats a beast made of pure mana and frees the citizens and Cline. The group celebrates their victory, Milla goes shopping with Driselle and Elize, and Jude hangs around with Rowen in the manor. Realizing Nachtigal had been using his citizens as test subjects, Cline decides to ally with the party and use Sharilton's power to oppose Nachtigal. However, Cline is assassinated, and Milla, Driselle, and Elize are all captured and held in Fort Gandala.

Jude plans a rescue and storms the fort with Alvin and Rowen. Meanwhile, Milla, Driselle, and Elize are detained with explosive anklets that will automatically detonate should they attempt to escape or enter restricted areas. The soldiers also take Teepo for analysis on mana lobe booster technology, temporarily removing Elize from battle. Inside the innermost room, Jude, Alvin, and Rowen meets with Milla, Elize, Driselle, and the group encounters Nachtigal and Gilandor Yul Svent, Nachtigal's right-hand man. During this encounter, it is revealed that Rowen was once a famous Rashugalan strategist known as the "Conductor". While Jude, Alvin, and Rowen fight through some soldiers, Milla chases Nachtigal. She fights him but is unsuccessful, and he attempts to flee. However, she lunges after him, crossing a restriction barrier in the process, and the anklet explodes. Jude discovers Milla, severely injured and barely conscious. Nachtigal is impressed by Milla's willpower, but dismisses her and flees as she faints. The group flees, while the emergency defense golem statues become active. In Sharilton, Driselle has taken on duties of governor and announced her recall of all alliance with Rashugal. Milla awakes and is shocked to find that she is unable to use her legs.

Jude, determined to heal Milla, decides to take her to his hometown, Leronde, to meet his father, who was once able to allow someone to use their legs again. As the two of them travel together again, Milla begins to understand human nature more, and Jude continues his personal quest to help her complete her mission. It is during this time that Milla gives Jude her necklace, which she says is her prized possession. While waiting at Sapstrath Seahaven for their ship, they run into Ivar, who immediately attacks Jude, who he thinks was responsible for what happened Milla. After being defeated, Ivar is given the key needed to activate the Lance of Kresnik by Milla and is told to guard it with his life.

In Leronde, Jude reunites with his childhood friend, Leia Rolando, and has a cold meeting with his father. An aspyrixis is the item Jude needs to cure Milla, but his father refuses to use it, stating the procedure would not work, as it is too painful for anyone to withstand. Jude sneaks into his father's study, steals the device, and realizes it utilizes a spirit fossil to function. Accompanied by Leia, the group ventures into the Felgana Mine to find a new spirit fossil. However, it is attached to a large monster. After removing it and attaching it to the device, Milla is returned to her former strength, and the group defeats the beast. However, Milla faints from exertion, and the group returns to town. Jude is scolded by his father, but Milla defends him. The aspyrixis device, itself a spyrix, causes Milla to question her ideals of all spyrix being evil. A few weeks later, after Milla has undergone physical therapy, Jude and Milla reunite with Elize, Rowen, and Alvin at the Seahaven and decide to continue their mission.

War and Invasion[]

This time, they decide to use wyverns to infiltrate Rashugal by air. In agreement, the group travels to the Lakutam Seahaven to go to the Auj Oule town of Xian Du. After discovering that Leia had stowed away on the ship, they allow her to join the group. During this time, Alvin acts even stranger, asking Milla questions that are bizarre and out of character. While traveling to Xian Du, they run into Ivar, who states that he was given a letter from a mysterious person saying that Milla was in danger. Just then, the group is attacked by a huge monster. After defeating it, the group continues on to Xian Du, while Ivar gets another letter, telling him that Milla will need the key to free the four spirits and to wait until the time is right before helping Milla.

In Xian Du, the group encounters an assortment of strange people, importantly Yurgen Kitarl, a member of the Kitarl Clan, and his fiance, Isla, a doctor who seems to have some sort of history with Elize. Yurgen has the wyverns they need to get to Fennmont, but he refuses to allow anyone not of his clan to use them. However, he strikes a deal: the group will fight in the coliseum for the clan, and if they win, they will be allowed to borrow the wyverns. While participating in the tournament, the group discovers that Xian Du has been infiltrated by Exodus, a terrorist group that has been after Milla for a long time and whose members use weapons powered by spyrixes. While initially believing that they plan to kill Milla during the tournament, it is revealed during the final round that their true target this time was Teepo. Afterwards, Jude, Milla, Leia, and Rowen chase after the group that kidnapped Teepo, who were earlier being chased by Elize and Alvin.

After chasing the Exodus agents, Alvin, and Elize to Labari Hollow, the group reunites with Alvin and Elize. However, they discover that something is wrong with Teepo, who is only repeating the same line continuously. Alvin tells them that it started after the Exodus members ripped something out of Teepo. While leaving the area, the group runs into Jiao, who, along with Alvin, reveals that Labari Hollow was once a research laboratory dedicated to creating boosters, which are devices developed by Auj Oule that increase the mana in a person's mana lobe, that Elize was raised there after being brought there years earlier by Isla, and that Teepo is actually a third-generation booster that has been verbalizing Elize's thoughts. Jiao also reveals that Elize's parents were killed by a bandit when she was little. After hearing all this, Elize becomes depressed and believes that she is alone.

After returning to Xian Du, the group runs into Isla, who Jude realizes had been ordered by Exodus to help them kidnap Teepo. Isla confirms this, saying that Exodus had blackmailed her by threatening to tell Yurgen about her past. She then tearfully begs the group to not tell Yurgen anything. Afterwards, the group runs into Yurgen, who tells them that due to the possibility of war breaking, they need permission from the King of Auj Oule. Hearing this, the group decides to go with Yurgen to Kanbalar, the capital of Auj Oule, with Milla wishing to talk to the king about the laboratory in Labari Hollow. After arriving in Kanbalar, Yurgen tells the group to rest at the inn while he goes to the king to request an audience for them. While waiting at the inn, Leia tries to cheer up Elize, which only causes Elize to insult her through Teepo, before leaving, while claiming to hate both Leia and Milla. After the group finds Elize, she still refuses to make up with them until she gets lectured by Rowen, who tells her that everyone is worried about her and that through Teepo, she had hurt Leia's feelings. Realizing what she had done, Elize apologizes to Leia for what she had said.

After heading to the castle, the group runs into Yurgen, who tells them that he got permission to use the wyverns. In addition, he says that when he requested for the group to have an audience with the king, when he mentioned their names, Yurgen learned that the king wished to meet with them. While Yurgen heads back to Xian Du to prepare the wyverns, the group heads inside the castle to meet the king. Inside, they run into Jiao, who reveals himself to be a member of the Chimeriad, a group of four powerful warriors who serve directly under the king. They are then introduced to Auj Oule's king, Gaius, and Wingul, Gaius's right hand man and the leader of the Chimeriad. During the meeting, the group tells Gaius that boosters have already fallen in Rashugal's hands and that they plan to destroy the Lance of Kresnik in order to prevent war from breaking out. Milla then asks Gaius about the booster laboratory, wanting to know why he would experiment on his own subjects. Wingul says that the lab was his responsibility, stating that it was a haven for the children who were brought there and that the experiments were humane.

After giving a speech about how he will do anything to protect his people, Gaius then tells the group the real reason he wished to meet with them: he is aware that Milla stole the key needed to activate the Lance of Kresnik and demands that she hand it over to him. When Milla refuses to do so, Wingul decides to have Alvin, who is revealed to have been hired by Gaius to spy on Milla, tell him where the key is. Just then, Presa, who is also a member of the Chimeriad, runs in with shocking news: Hamil was attacked by Rashugal troops. According to Presa, anyone who was not killed was captured and taken to Rashugal and a Great Spirit was used to attack the village. After hearing this, Gaius immediately declares war against Rashugal, while Wingul orders the guards to arrest Jude, Milla, Leia, Rowen, and Elize. However, they are able to escape thanks to Teepo. Before they are able to escape Kanbalar, they are stopped by and forced to fight Presa and Wingul, with Wingul using powering himself up using a booster. After defeating Presa and Wingul, the group heads back to Xian Du.

After returning to Xian Du, the group runs into Alvin and reluctantly allows him to travel with them again after learning that he was able to get the Auj Oule soldiers off their trail. After speaking with Yurgen, they set off on the wyverns to Fennmont. However, after running into a giant flying monster, the group is forced to land in Sharilton, where they defeat the monster. Afterwards, they decide to rest up in Sharilton while Driselle has one of the wyverns treated. During this time, Jude asks Milla, if he can move to Nia Khera after they are done with their mission in order to continue protecting her, which she accepts. Afterwards the group leaves Sharilton and lands in Barnauer Highroad (バルナウル街道?), south of Fennmont. After arriving in Fennmont, they discover smoke coming from the lab where the Lance of Kresnik and learn that the woman in red that Jude and Milla encountered earlier was responsible for the fire.

While looking around the lab, they discover that the Lance has been moved to another location and decide to ask the mysterious woman about where the Lance was taken to. After locating her, Rowen immediately recognizes her as Lady Nadia of House Travis. However, she refuses to be called that and introduces herself as Agria, a member of the Chimeriad and a spy for Auj Oule, and attacks the group. After being defeated, before escaping, she reveals that the Lance was moved to Orda Palace. Fighting through Rashugal's forces, Jude and Milla's group confronts King Nachtigal at Orda Palace. Rowen eventually begins to convince Nachtigal to have a change of heart concerning the usage of the Lance of Kresnik, but a sudden blast of ice magic from above kills Nachtigal before a conclusion can be made. The group hurries through the palace to destroy the Lance, but discover it has already been moved in position for the upcoming war against Auj Oule.

The group hurries through the Arklund Quag (アルカンド湿原?) to the battlefield at Fezebel Marsh. There they learn that the once impassable marsh has been made traversable through mana booster research; augmentation by Earth-elemental mana would stabilize the marsh enough for troops to cross. The group fights through wave after wave of troops across the battlefield to reach the Lance of Kresnik. They learn that Gaius also plans to reach the Lance, but wants to take command of it himself and use it as leverage to unite Rieze Maxia under his rule. The group fights off three of his four generals, Jiao, Presa, and Wingul, before confronting Gaius himself. However, Milla and Gaius's debate on the usage of the Lance is interrupted when Gilland appears with the Great Spirit of Ice, Celsius. He reveals that he murdered Nachtigal earlier when his resolve to use the Lance had faltered and that he is actually the leader of a military terrorist group known as Exodus. The Lance's true purpose is made clear when Gilland activates it. The barrier surrounding the island of Rieze Maxia known as the schism is shattered, and airships full of Exodus soldiers and spyrix weapons begin an invasion from the outside world.

In the resulting chaos, Jude and Milla are separated and get washed away in the marsh currents to the Tulea Tundra (トウライ冷原?) and Sillea Tundra (セイライ冷原?), respectively. Jude is awakened by the Great Spirit Muzét, who claims to have been sent by Maxwell, and journeys with her, Alvin, and Elize through the Kukhar Ice Caverns to find his friends. Meanwhile, Milla journeys with Rowen and Leia through the Nala Lava Tubes. The group reunites at the Xailen Woods Temple near the Auj Oule capital of Kanbalar and decides to meet with Gaius. There they decide to put their differences aside and cooperate to save their home from the threat of Gilland and Exodus.

Alvin reveals he is a member of Exodus and Gilland's nephew, who ended up in Rieze Maxia 20 years prior after their cruise ship, the E.S.S Zenethra, accidentally slipped through a hole in the schism. The original intentions of Exodus were to find a way back to their outside world of Elympios, but Gilland decided to use the mana absorption abilities of the Lance of Kresnik to gain power and take the resources of Rieze Maxia. The group, along with Gaius and Muzét, storm the Zenethra, now used as Exodus's base, to stop Gilland. After fighting their way through the ship, the party learns that Gilland's Celsius was made artificially from a spirit fossil. However, they are interrupted by a sudden gravity spell from Muzét, who has turned on the team. Milla sacrifices herself to save the rest of the party and free the four spirits, and the ship is destroyed in the process. Muzét continues on a rampage, destroying the town of Nia Khera as well.

The Real Maxwell[]

Weeks later, the group has broken apart. Jude is in mourning over Milla's death and has lost the will to live himself. He has been living in Hamil with Leia as his caretaker. Alvin, lost without Exodus or the group and distrusted by all, arrives and confronts Jude. Enraged at Jude's loss of will and blaming him for how things with Exodus turned out, Alvin attempts to kill him and Leia. He shoots Leia in the back, but Jude finally fends Alvin off. Jude heals Leia and reunites with the group, who decide to journey to Nia Khera to see if any attempt can be made to meet with the real Maxwell. They make it through to the most spiritual place, the Nia Khera Hallowmont, and fight Agria and Presa at the peak. The two both die by falling from the cliff after an earthquake, and the group slips through a portal to the Temporal Crossroads, a dimension linking the human realm and the Spirit Realm.

Meanwhile, Milla's spirit converses with the Four Great Spirits in the Spirit Realm, and they tell her she is not the real Maxwell, but rather a decoy made to drive Exodus out of hiding and destroy them. Milla resolves to still be her own person and fulfill her own ideals of pursuing peace for humans and spirits alike. The four spirits are moved by her conviction and decide to help her despite the real Maxwell's wishes. Maxwell is revealed to have been callously using Muzét as well, who he has abandoned after completing her task of destroying Exodus. Jude and his friends proceed to fight Maxwell after learning Milla was a fabricated decoy. The four spirits resurrect Milla and reunite with Jude during the battle to help defeat Maxwell. However, Gaius also appears, now allied with Muzét, who has turned on Maxwell for abandoning her, and with the Lance of Kresnik at his side. Gaius uses the Lance to capture Maxwell and decides he can be a more responsible ruler in his place. After arguing with the group over the fate of Maxwell and the usage of the Lance, Gaius attempts to send the group back to Rieze Maxia. However, Maxwell interferes and opens a portal to Elympios for the group.

Elympios and the Spyrix[]

The group awakens in Elympios, at the residence of Alvin's cousin Balan, in the city of Trigleph. The group learns that unlike Rieze Maxia, Elympios is a land barren of mana and spirits, and it instead relies on spyrix technology in place of Spirit Artes. While capable of amazing feats, spyrix technology proved to be ecologically unstable and consumed vast amounts of mana and energy, leading to the near extinction of spirits. The schism was originally constructed by Maxwell to make Rieze Maxia a place to conserve the rest of spirit-kind, while the outer world of Elympios fell into ruin. Gilland's goals were to take Rieze Maxia's mana resources to save his dying world.

The group notes the benefits of spyrix technology, such as the aspyrixis device allowing Milla to walk, and searches for a more conservative way to balance spirit and spyrix technology. They learn from Balan that the spyrix research center of Helioborg had been attacked by Gaius and Muzét, who have declared a counter war on Elympios for their Exodus invasion. The group travels through the Torbalan Highroad (トルバラン街道?) to the research center and fends off one of the center's experiments that went wild, an artificial Great Spirit like Celsius: Volt, the Great Spirit of Electricity. Seeing these new artificial spirits made from old spirit fossils, Jude decides to back this new "spyrite" technology as an alternative to spyrix. Gaius, however, takes the example of the out-of-control Volt as evidence that the spyrite plan is doomed for failure. He decides the only solution to ensure the safety of Rieze Maxia and the rest of the spirits is to eliminate the spyrix altogether, and in turn, destroy the foundation of Elympion society.

Jude and Milla attempt to convince Gaius to reconsider and travel through the Rusalle Highroad (ルサル街道?) to the Elympion side of the Temporal Crossroads, where Gaius is. After killing Wingul and another a fierce fight with Gaius and Muzét, the group convinces Gaius of their convictions, who decides to let the group handle Elympios while he pursues peace in Rieze Maxia. Maxwell sacrifices himself in order to dispel the schism, the destruction of which releases mana into the world so that Elympion will have more time to develop spyrite technology. Jude becomes the lead spyrite researcher, Milla takes the position of the new Maxwell, Alvin starts a business with Yurgen, Leia abandons her nurse training to help out her parents at their inn, Elize is adopted by Driselle and attends school in Sharilton, and Rowen works with Gaius to pursue peace. 



  • Jude Mathis (ジュード・マティス Judo Matisu?) - A 15-year-old medical student currently studying at a hospital in the metropolis city of Fennmont, capital of Rashugal. He has a calm and composed attitude, but he is also meddlesome and sometimes has impulsive moments. As a result, he often gets into trouble. He uses his fists in battle, similar to Senel Coolidge. His "Snap Pivot" ability allows him to evade an attack and move behind the enemy in a single motion.
  • Milla Maxwell (ミラ=マクスウェル Mira Makusuweru?) - A mysterious 20-year-old girl who can control or summon all four types of elemental spirits, Efreet, Gnome, Sylph, and Undine. She claims to have traveled from a hidden shrine in the mountains after sensing the destruction of a vast number of spirits. She is ruthless when it comes to her goal of protecting Rieze Maxia and will do anything to fulfill her mission without showing any hesitation. Naturally, she is disgusted by those who bear no responsibility to the world. She is very honest and straightforward. Though claiming that she has the most superior spirit intellect, she has no idea of how to live as a human being. In battle, she primarily uses swords. Her "Spirit Shift" ability lets her convert her regular spells into special altered artes that can be cast instantly.
  • Alvin (アルヴィン Aruvin?) - A 26-year-old mercenary who has been travelling the world for some time. He has a very good reputation for getting the job done and delivering what is needed of him. Though very friendly, mature and composed, he has some moments where he only thinks about himself. He always tries his best to keep low profile about him. However, It has been known that he is secretly very calculating and manipulative. He dual-wields a sword and a gun in battle. His "Charge" ability lets him combine his gun and sword to boost the power of an arte.
  • Leia Rolando (レイア・ロランド Reia Rorando?) - A 15-year-old apprentice nurse and childhood best friend of Jude. She is very bright and mostly seen happy, She will always try to cheer everyone up and help them get rid of their problems. Leia is employed at a clinic owned by Jude's family in his hometown of Leronde, and she also works as the "poster girl" for her family's inn. Her kind demeanor and cute appearance contrasts sharply with her rabid love of sports and fighting competitions, though she values effort over victory. Her favored weapons are staff-types. Her "Elongating Staff" ability lets her extend the reach of her weapon by increasing its length.
  • Elize Lutus (エリーゼ・ルタス Erize Rutasu?) - A 12-year-old from the mountain village of Hamil in Auj Oule. She is a master of Summoning Spirit Artes despite the fact that she is still very young but is incredibly shy due to the eerie and strange environment in which she was raised. She carries a purple doll called Teepo, which does most of the talking for her. Though she dislikes the company of most people, she extremely adores Jude, who rescued her from the persecution she suffered in her home town, In fact, she states that Jude is her first very best friend. Her special ability is "Teepo Switching", which has two modes. During "Teepo On" Teepo rides on her back, enabling ranged attacks from her staff and increasing the strength of her summoning artes. During "Teepo Off", Teepo hovers around her, enabling melee attacks that are delivered through Teepo and allowing it to protect Elize while she is casting.
  • Rowen J. Ilbert (ローエン・J・イルベルト Roen J. Iruberuto?) - A 62-year-old butler in the noble, high class Sharil family and his master, Lord Cline. He is the oldest of all the playable characters. Rowen has a very calm demeanor about himself. At tense moments, he tends to use humor to calm things down. He believes time is precious and should not be wasted. He is a specialist at long distance spirit based attacks but also an expert at using a saber for melee attacks. His special ability is "Tuning" which powers up his spells in various ways.


  • Agria the Shadowless (無影のアグリア Muei no Aguria?) - A member of the Chimeriad, as well as a former Rashugal noble with a sadistic personality and negative outlook on life. She harbors a hatred for Leia due to her idealism.
  • Jiao the Immovable (不動のジャオ Fudou no Jao?) - A member of the Chimeriad, as well as a tribal chief who shares a history with Elize. He entrusts the group to look after her, recognizing her happiness with them.
  • Presa of the Hundred Spells (百術のプレザ Hyakujutsu no Pureza?) - A member of the Chimeriad, as well as a beautiful spy who was once romantically involved with Alvin. The two have a love-hate relationship.
  • Wingul the Nova (革命のウィンガル Kakumei no Uingaru?, "Wingul of the Revolution") - A member of the Chimeriad, as well as a military tactician who once respected Rowen but now looks down upon him. He holds a deep respect for Gaius.
  • Muzét (ミュゼ Myuze?, "Musee") - A Great Spirit who temporarily accompanies the group before her true intentions are revealed. She later joins forces with Gaius to serve him in his cause.
  • Gaius (ガイアス Gaiasu?) - A central antagonist, as well the charismatic king of Auj Oule. A clash of ideals pits him against the group despite their mutual respect for each other.


ToX PS3 (NTSC-J) game cover

Cover for the Japanese version of the game.


Tales of Xillia is the first game to have an over-the-shoulder camera, as opposed to the top-down camera of previous Tales games.

Battle System[]

The battle system is known as the Double-Raid Linear Motion Battle System (DR-LMBS), which involves two characters teaming up in combat for maximum effectiveness. The character directly controlled by the player is known as the "Master", while the AI partner supports the Master by taking actions such as surrounding the enemy or protecting the Master's rear flank. In addition, both characters can team up and perform powerful unified attacks called "Link Artes" by filling up a gauge during "Link Mode" and then performing certain prerequisite moves.

For example, Jude's Demon Fist and Milla's Wind Lance trigger the Link Arte Final Gale. Characters can also share support skills through Link Mode. Technical Points (TP) are included, and normal attacks are performed using a new system called the Assault Counter, a system similar to the Chain Capacity system in the remake of Tales of Destiny and Tales of Graces, where attacks remain connected as long as AC points are available. Each character also possesses a ability called a "Special Characteristic" that influences his or her combat style, such as Jude's "Snap Pivot" ability.

Leveling System[]

Game Controls (ToX)

Screenshot depicting the game's controls.

Instead of the traditional leveling systems used in the other games the series, players use a grid system to level up their characters by spending Growth Points (GP). GP is used to enhance one of six stats: strength, vitality, intelligence, spirit, agility, and dexterity. The grid also contains nodes with artes and skills between the core six stats. Players can reveal those by connecting to adjacent nodes. There is an additional flower under the grid, which grows based on the level of the grid.


Xillia Cast (ToLink)

Artwork of the game's cast for Tales of Link.

  • Many of the place names are derived from real-world culture and mythology. Most areas in Rieze Maxia are inspired by Central Asian and Mongolian locations. Elympios, on the other hand, is largely derived from Slavic and Russian folklore.

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