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|name=Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack
|name=Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack
|-|Limited Edition=[[File:ToZ OST Limited Edition.jpg|250px]]</tabber>
|release=February 18, 2015
|release=February 18, 2015

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Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number WPCL-12039~42
Release Date February 18, 2015
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
Go Shiina
Arrangement •Motoi Sakuraba
•Go Shiina
Publishers Warner Music Japan
Format 4 Discs, 109 Tracks

Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Zestiria.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "Legend of the Shepherd"
  2. "Footsteps of Disaster"
  3. "Unchanging Days"
  4. "Mountain Ruins Brimming with Ageless Charm"
  5. "Seize Your Sword and Uphold Your Will"
  6. "Grasp the Sparkling Victory"
  7. "A Peaceful Home Town"
  8. "Sorey's Theme ~Purity~"
  9. "Setting Off"
  10. "An Exciting First Journey"
  11. "The Sparrowfeathers"
  12. "The Beautiful Lake and Holy Sword of the Capital"
  13. "The Hellion's Assault"
  14. "A Festival Entwined with Hope"
  15. "The Feelings of the Princess and Her People"
  16. "Ceremony of the Purifying Flame's Light"
  17. "Devised Riot"
  18. "Flame of the Impure"
  19. "Sorey's Dream"
  20. "The Holy Sword is Drawn"
  21. "Reviving Hope with the Holy Sword"
  22. "Raise Your Spirits"
  23. "The Impure"
  24. "A Tale Passed Down through Generations"
  25. "Remnants of History Imprinted in the Architecture"
  26. "Swirling Intentions"
  27. "The Wise One"
  28. "The Path of Former Shepherds"
  29. "Sacred Mountain of the Roaring Dragon"
  30. "A Mystery Passed Down by the Seraphim"
  31. "The Nesting Epidemic at the Base of the Big Tree"
  32. "A Wonder that Heals the Mind"
  33. "The Big Tree's Blessing to the People"
  34. "Creeping Shadow"
  35. "Invitation of the Mural"

Disc Two

  1. "Sorey's Theme ~The Shepherd~"
  2. "Clash"
  3. "Endless Battle"
  4. "The Sad Power that Overwhelms People"
  5. "Lord of Calamity"
  6. "The Lost Spiritual Power"
  7. "The Shepherd is Rescued"
  8. "Where the Sky is Concealed by Dense Leaves"
  9. "The Civilization that Couldn't Enjoy Prosperity"
  10. "Combine Your Fists and Proceed Your Path"
  11. "Eternal Spark of Victory"
  12. "The Lively Spirits of Craftsmen"
  13. "Curiosity Colored by the Ways of Old"
  14. "Enlightenment is Found Within"
  15. "An Abrupt End"
  16. "Weighed Down by Heavy Rain"
  17. "Unforgettable Feelings"
  18. "Within the Holy Tranquility"
  19. "Modest Living"
  20. "The Sanctuary Where Gods Gather"
  21. "The Watchful Seraphim"
  22. "A Sense of Archaism in the Majestic Metropolis"
  23. "Turmoil Led by Calamity"
  24. "Conquering the Doubts"
  25. "Protected by the Wind"
  26. "A Shepherd's Destiny"
  27. "The Essence of Adventure Lies in Exploration"
  28. "Enchanted by the Traces of a Former Age"
  29. "Despair and Awakening"
  30. "An Eternal Era"
  31. "True Origin"
  32. "Guide"
  33. "Spread Your Wings and Unfold Your Future"

Disc Three

  1. "Alisha's Theme"
  2. "To Overcome This Crisis"
  3. "Zaveid, the Wanderer"
  4. "Aim for the Top of the Crucible"
  5. "Testing the Passionate Bonds"
  6. "Competing with the Honor of the Land"
  7. "The Melody of Water Will Lead the Way"
  8. "Struggle Between the Wind and Twinkling Sky"
  9. "Awakening Power"
  10. "A Fearful Existence"
  11. "Rising Up"
  12. "Shared Determination"
  13. "Journey's End"
  14. "The Way of Katz"

Disc Four

  1. "A Second Whirl of War"
  2. "Impurity Gnawing at the Seraphim"
  3. "Symbol of the Shapeless Disaster"
  4. "Final Doubts"
  5. "When Disaster Turns into Hope"
  6. "Crumbling Peace"
  7. "Mad Flowers in Bloom"
  8. "Throne of the Divine Mastermind"
  9. "Load Your Bow and Pierce the Truth"
  10. "Beyond the End"
  11. "Remaining Hesitation, Desired Resolution"
  12. "I Won't Forget This Pain"
  13. "Parental Love"
  14. "The God Clad in Chaos and Calamity"
  15. "The God Clad in Chaos and Calamity -Awakened-"
  16. "Bet Everything on the Lion's Roar"
  17. "The Outcome of a Decision"
  18. "Liberated Lands"
  19. "A Journey Colored by Memories"
  20. "Passing Down the Gathered Feelings"
  21. "An Eternal Dream"
  22. "Unforgettable Existence"
  23. "Floating Labyrinth Wavering in the Hollowness"
  24. "Where Melodies and Flashing Fists Intersect"
  25. "The Immortal Dragon Tied to the Roots of Earth"
  26. "Unresting Footsteps"
  27. "Image BGM Tales of Zestiria"