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Tales of the Tempest
TotT Logo.png
Game Systems Nintendo DS
Developers Dimps Corporation
Publishers Bandai Namco Games
Character Designers Mutsumi Inomata
Daigo Okumura
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
Animators Production I.G
Japanese Releases October 26, 2006
Opening Theme "VS" by Misono
Ratings CERO: A (all ages)

Tales of the Tempest (テイルズ オブ ザ テンペスト Teiruzu obu za Tenpesuto?) is the ninth major title in the Tales series and also the first major title to be released on a handheld console. Developed by Dimps and Namco, it was released on October 26, 2006 in Japan with currently no release date set for a Western launch. Likely due to its poor reception, it was taken out of of the main series and given the status of an Escort Title. The game's characteristic genre translates to "RPG that Awakens the Soul" (魂を呼び覚ますRPG Tamashii wo yobisamasu RPG?).


Throughout the history of the continent of Areulla, a race of beast-people called the Leymon have dominated. The Leymon came to build a sophisticated civilization and an orderly society. They developed their own unique physique, with high physical strength and a strong spirit. Technology, however, appeared, for which the civilization was not ready. A large number of Leymon were slaughtered by a forbidden technology known as Life Magic. While mass-slaughter had not been the intent, it nevertheless caused the nation to descend into civil war, in a conflict eventually called the Beast War. With the Leymon having lost the greater bulk of their population, the leaders transferred the right to rule the continent to humans, who were at that point a small and weak race.

As disorder continued to plague the diminishing Leymon population, humans reconstructed the nation and returned the land to prosperity. Humans came to think of the Leymon as the race that ruined the world and made their intent to mass-exterminate them. While Leymon are normally human-like, humans came to believe that the Leymon were dangerous in their beast forms due to their lack of ability to think rationally. Under the order of King Areulla VIII, the Church began to exterminate the Leymon under acts of heresy. The Black Knights were armed in preparation for any invasions or uprising by foreign nations and the Leymon alike. A Leymon extermination movement called the "Lycanthe Hunt", Lycanthe being a derogatory term for the Leymon, was launched and encouraged the population to turn in Leymon for reward. One day, an injured knight arrives at the small village of Feln and gives the protagonist Caius Qualls a mysterious item. Areulla's disturbances and conflicts then become the focus of Caius's attention.



  • Caius Qualls (カイウス・クオールズ Kaiusu Kuooruzu?) - A young boy with the blood of both Leymon and human. Following a prison raid in the capital city of Janna, he is marked as a criminal and forced to go on the run from soldiers.
  • Rubia Natwick (ルビア・ナトウィック Rubia Natowikku?) - An aspiring priestess who joins Caius after her parents were killed by Leymon hunters of the Church.
  • Tilkis Barone (ティルキス・バローネ Tirukisu Baroone?) - The prince of a faraway land known as Senshivia who traveled to Areulla seeking help from its king.
  • Forest Ledoyen (フォレスト・レドワウヤン Foresuto Redowauyan?) - Prince Tiklis's bodyguard, sent to protect him on his journey into the kingdom of Areulla.
  • Arria Ekberg (アーリア・エクバーグ Aaria Ekubaagu?) - A priestess-soldier working for the Church, Arria joins Caius's group after deciding that killing Leymon is a crime.


  • Albert Mueller (アルバート・ミュラー Arubaato Myuraa?) - A blond-haired swordsman who serves as the captain of the Black Knights. He hunts Caius's group relentlessly, yet nobody quite knows how he is able to track them down so easily.
  • Lukius Bridges (ルキウス・ブリッジス Rukiusu Buridjisu?) - A mysterious young Leymon hunter who wears a mask while on duty.
  • Rommy (ロミー Romii?) - A cold-hearted young woman who hunts down Leymon with the help of Lukius.
  • Vincent Bridges (ヴィンセント・ブリッジス Vinsento Burijjisu?) - The head of the Church, who acts on behalf of the absent king.
  • Areulla VIII (アレウーラ8世 Areuura 8-sei?) - The king of Areulla, who remains absent from the capital under mysterious circumstances, instead residing in a castle atop Mount Ayre, far to the north of the continent.


Battle System

Tales of the Tempest utilizes the 3-on-3 Linear Motion Battle System (3on3-LMBS). "3-on-3" refers to the fact that it is a 3D battle system based on the Tales of Rebirth "3 Line LMBS". Like the "3 Line" system, 3on3-LMBS places three combatants on a battlefield with three linear planes. Players can move between these three planes at will, and unlike in the "3 Line" system, they can attack enemies on other planes by adjusting their position. The game also features the "Beast Transformation" system, where the Leymon characters Caius and Forest are able to morph into their beast form during battle, which increases their strength and attack power, but leaves them unable to use their artes.


The cover for the game.


Like other Tales games, cooking is featured, as well as "camp skits", which allows the player to learn more about the personalities of the characters.


A multiplayer mode is present to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's wireless capabilities. The feature is enabled by an item found in one of the dungeons of the game. Different players can journey through the same game world using their own characters, and combat can be initiated when they come into contact. While items and Gald earned in multiplayer mode can be carried over to single-player mode, any experience gained will not.

Version History

Game Title System Catalog Number Release Date Region
Tales of the Tempest
テイルズ オブ ザ テンペスト
Nintendo DS - September 22, 2006 Japan (TGS 2006 Demo)
Tales of the Tempest
テイルズ オブ ザ テンペスト
Nintendo DS NTR-ALEJ-JPN October 24, 2006 Japan


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