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Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
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Game Systems Game Boy Advance
Developers Namco
Magical Company
Publishers Namco
Character Designers Daigo Okumura
Composers Magical Company
Japanese Releases March 7, 2003
Ratings CERO: FREE (all ages)

Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage (テイルズ オブ ザ ワールド 〜サモナーズ リネージ〜 Teiruzu obu za Waarudo ~Samonaazu Rineeji~?) is a strategy role-playing game developed and published by Namco and released exclusively in Japan for the Game Boy Advance on March 3, 2003. As part of the Tales series, it retains several familiar features while adding a good deal of new ones.

The game acts as a follow-up to the events of Tales of Phantasia, with the main character, Frayne K. Lester, actually being a descendant of the character Claus F. Lester from the aforementioned title. It is the second sequel to Tales of Phantasia, after Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon. The game's characteristic genre translates to "Fantasy Simulation RPG" (ファンタジーシミュレーションRPG Fantaji shimyureshon RPG?).


TotW-SL Protagonists

The Heroes of Eternity during the opening theme of the game.

Summoner's Lineage takes place in the same world as Tales of Phantasia, only several years into the future. As a young summoning apprentice, Frayne and his fairy-like companion, Macaron, are studying the principles of calling upon magical beasts into the physical world. However, their exploits are cut short when a significant number of monsters and other beasts begin to appear within their world, threatening the stability of the usually peaceful nation.

It is decided that in order to combat these creatures, they must call upon the legendary Heroes of Eternity, the name given to the main characters of Tales of Phantasia after their adventures across several centuries in the previous title. It is then that Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Chester Burklight, Claus F. Lester, Arche Klein, and Suzu Fujibayashi make their appearance, and with their combined skills, along with the help of some new faces, they will hopefully rid the world of this new crisis.



  • Frayne K. Lester (フレイン・K・レスター Furein K. Resutaa?) - The central protagonist of the game who, like his ancestor, Claus F. Lester, is studying the principles of summoning magic.
  • Velga Montor (ベルガ・モントール Beruga Montooru?) - An uptight and virtuous girl who has trained herself over the years to become an agile fighter, preferring to use her fists and feet as weapons.
  • Volga Montor (ボルガ・モントール Boruga Montooru?) - Velga's twin brother who, unlike his sister, is often very quiet and less prone to making rash decisions.
  • Mark Ginihle (マーク・ギニール Maaku Giniiru?) - A friend of Frayne's who, though not skilled with magic, can fight considerably well with a pair of longswords.
  • Elmira Louge (エルミラ・ルージュ Erumira Ruuju?) - A mysterious woman who seems to know her way around various forests quite well.


Major Antagonists[]

TotW-SL Antagonists

The central antagonists of the game: Lysis, Alph Ginihle, Medibel, and Xex.

  • Xex the Demon Lord (魔王ゼクス Maou Zekusu?) - The primary antagonist and final boss of the game.
  • Alph Ginihle the Master Swordsman (アルフ・ギニール Arufu Giniiru?) - Mark Ginihle's brother, for whom Mark is searching, as well as one of Xex's subordinates.
  • Lysis the Vampire (リーシス Riishisu?) - One of Xex's subordinates who holds a strange infatuation with Velga.
  • Medibel the Medusa (メディベル Mediberu?) - One of Xex's subordinates who also happens to be in love with him.

Minor Antagonists[]

  • Nigg the Devil Dragon (ニーグ Niigu?) - A powerful yet overconfident and cocky Devil Dragon who works for Xex. Nigg desires for the world to be in a state of chaos, as it apparently was once before. Nigg comments that he is only using Xex to obtain his desires and plans to later discard him, as well as his other servants, when Xex's usefulness has ended.
  • Kerse the Cerberus (ケルス Kerusu?) - Heln's younger brother who works for Xex. Kerse joined Xex so that he could live in the outside world while exploring. He lusts for power, not wanting to be defeated, while also following his own beliefs, as he does not want to live in the cave opposite his brother.
  • Grendel the Dark Knight (ガレル・オーパス Gareru Oopasu?) - A soldier working for Xex who believes the android can bring him fame and praise. He first attacks Elfy, trying to steal the "A. Broom", which Elfy cares for dearly. Frayne and company rush to Elfy's assistance, and Grendel is forced to make a hasty retreat to Thor.

Supporting Characters[]

  • Macaron (マカロン Makaron?) - A small fairy found by Frayne within the secret room of an ancient ruin.
  • Slam the Slime - The leader of an army of slime who attacks the City of Heroes. When all his brethren are defeated, Frayne interrogates Slam into telling him why they rampaged through the city. Slam reveals that he had been tricked by Xex into believing it had been their purpose in life to destroy humans. In return for sparing his life, Slam decides to dedicate his life to helping Frayne.
  • Heln the Hell Hound (ヘルン Herun?) - Heln once lived peacefully among other hell hounds in the Cave of Darkness. He and his brother, Kerse, used to play together all day. However, Kerse goes missing when a mysterious dragon named Nigg makes an appearance in the cave. Heln is severely wounded by Nigg, and if not for Frayne's group, he would have died. Now he works with them while seeking his lost brother.
  • Tyne the Guardian Spirit - An old friend of Heln. He too is attacked by Nigg's monsters when he refused to abandon his post of guarding the ruins. If Tyne is not defeated by Nigg's monsters by the end of the level, then he will join Frayne's group. Otherwise, he will simply give Frayne a summoning ring to be able to summon guardian spirits and die.
  • Elfy the Elf - Elfy lives in the Ymir Forest, just outside of Heimdall. While sweeping her house one day, she is attacked by Grendel, who wants to steal her special broom. Refusing to hand it over, she valiantly fights against his forces. Once Grendel is defeated, Elfy thanks Frayne for assisting her and allows Macaron to borrow the broom. Macaron uses the broom to bring Arche Klein to their time since the broom belonged to Arche. Elfy latches onto Arche and reveals herself to be quite a fangirl. If Elfy is not injured by Grendel's men, then she will join the group. Otherwise, she will stay home and await the return of her broom.


TotW-SL GBA (NTSC-J) game cover

The cover for the game.

Although structurally quite differently from the usual Tales games, Summoner's Lineage features items and enemies seen in other titles. In this game, characters are moved across a grid-like board, only going into combat once they have moved themselves close enough to an enemy. It is then that they will enter combat and be able to issue various commands such as physical attacks and magic spells in order to defeat their opponent. Each character and enemy is given an elemental alignment that determines which attacks will be best suited to defeating them. A "Fire" character would take more damage from a Water-based attack, for instance.

These differences in structure can be attributed to the fact that Summoner's Lineage is actually a gameplay sequel to a little-known Japanese Namco Gameboy Color game titled Pocket King,[1] a sequel to the 1988 Famicom title King of Kings, featured in Namco Anthology 2. In addition to the principle characters of Tales of Phantasia, the player can also utilize Fulien's ability to summon several different kinds of creatures to aid in battle. These monsters, like any other character, have their own unique statistics and attacks, as well as their own ways of approaching combat.

Version History[]

Game Title System Catalog Number Release Date Region
Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
テイルズ オブ ザ ワールド 〜サモナーズ リネージ〜
Game Boy Advance AGB-P-A9PJ March 7, 2003 Japan


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